So this is Fall?!

Since we have arrived in Colorado, everyone has been sure to tell me that the weather has been uncommonly WARM this fall. A bit concerning since I have certainly been able to pull out the boots and sweaters already. (Let’s just remember that in Texas, there are some days this time of the year that I could still be rockin’ some shorts.) So I say that God is easing me into this whole Colorado snowy life. Thank you Jesus for that small favor. 

Well last week it snowed and I was so excited and I took pictures and I went on and on to Caleb how there was SNOW. Nick quickly burst my bubble that even though I was staring at white stuff on our yard, that in reality it was nothing. (This stuff would shut down Texas, but ok.) Then this morning I woke up to what could only be described in my world as a WINTER WONDERLAND. It was beautiful!!! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. We bundled up our little man and planted him right in the snow. And he LOVED it. He wanted to eat it and play with it and crawl in it. Apparently this kid was made for Colorado.  

 (Yes that is my husband standing in snow in shorts. This is what I’m working with, people. He only put on the snow boots to show me that he owned them. Who knew?)

So I thought this would be a great time to share some other things I’ve come to learn about Colorado! Anyone feel free to chime in and correct my observations or add to them because after all, I’m still pretty new here!

  • Nobody is from here. It seems like everyone is a transplant from another state. This makes me feel not alone and also completely understand why the houses are SO STINKIN EXPENSIVE. 
  • This is the land of Subarus and Qdobas and Noodles & Co. All of these things are EVERYWHERE. 
  • Baking here is depressing. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE to bake. But here, none of my recipes turn out like they are supposed to. It makes me sad. 😦 (Locals, this is a cry for help.) 
  • So I’m pretty sure this is a Littleton thing, but you get to choose your own trash service company. Which means there are so many different trash trucks coming down our street so many different days. This is weird to me (and also annoying when you have a child trying to nap). 
  • The fall leaves are GORGEOUS. Who knew that in other places of the country leaves actually changed colors and it was beautiful?! This is what you see in the movies and books but never thought was real. Now I understand when people say Texas knows no seasons. I LOVE IT.

That is all for now, but I’m sure there will be more! Off to go stare at the snow while sitting cozily on my couch drinking coffee!

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

4 thoughts on “So this is Fall?!

  1. Sounds like Albuquerque! The altitude is messing with your cooking. Memaw came out and was cooking beans and could not understand why it was taking so long for them to get done. Hardly anyone was born there. When we first got there, houses were cheap. Then people from California and other places ran the housing market crazy. The Aspen tree leaves sparkle like glitter when the wind blows them in the Fall. Can you tell I miss New Mexico??

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