Who We Are

We are the Jones family.  Nick and I were married in May 2012 and got to become parents to this little cutie pie in October 2014.  We are imperfect people saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.  We love Jesus deeply, laugh at and with each other constantly, and drink (LOTS OF) good coffee daily.

Nick loves all things sports, all things outdoors, and a dream day for him would be centered around some kind of boring amazing sporting event.  I love all things girly, all things with my besties, and a dream day for me would be at a spa or pool with some of my very favorite people.  Caleb loves all things boy which includes all of the throwing of the balls, running around like a crazy person, and his favorite day would involve playing anything with a million of his favorite people.

We recently relocated to Littleton, CO when Nick accepted the Director of Student Ministries position at a church out here. I am a born & raised Texas girl so I have lots to learn about this whole mountain living thing!

Please enjoy this fun blog of how I try to keep up with my Jones’ boys!

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