A White Christmas

Christmas CONQUERED. 

When you think Christmas in Colorado, you automatically assume a white Christmas. Apparently that’s actually a rarity according to Coloradans (is that even the correct term?). I have even visited for a Christmas before and it did NOT snow. Actually it never ever snowed anytime I ever came to Colorado so I was starting to think the whole snow thing was a hoax. But nope, I was dang wrong. And good thing because it snowed on Christmas this year!!! SO FUN. This Texas girl absolutely loved being able to look outside to watch the flurries come down on Christmas Day. Especially when I knew people at home were hanging out in shorts. 🙂

Snow wasn’t the only thing that made this Christmas awesome! Caleb LOVED Christmas. He got the whole opening presents thing down pretty quickly. And pretty sure he loved being handed new toy after new toy after new toy. (Grandparents are apparently in direct competition with Santa.) 

It was also so special to be able to go to our Christmas Eve service at our new church and to have family join us. There were 42 people that believed in Jesus for the first time at our services! PRAISE GOD! And THAT is why we celebrate Christmas.    

We spent the evening of Christmas Eve with some family friends. Yummy food and fun games made for such a great night! 

 If you know Nick at all, then you know his friendship (or love affair) with Phil. They are the bestest of friends and have been since they were kids. Phil’s wife and I joke that we know where we stand when it comes to their bromance. 

 But a really cool thing is that they had a little boy exactly a year after us. Caleb and Grayson are pretty much required to be best friends now and keep the legacy going. (Sorry boys, sure hope y’all like each other.) 

Christmas Day was so much fun to see Caleb’s face! Santa brought him a really cool work bench and then also laid out all of his new toys he had received on Christmas Eve. He looked SO excited. But the first thing he went for? The half eaten cookie left over from Santa. #priorities
He settled for a muffin instead.  


 JoJo and Aunt JJ came over so he had such a grand time getting to play with them all day! As JoJo calls it, we watched ‘the Caleb show’ all day.  
 We ended the night with Nick reading us the Christmas story. Absolutely love the thought that we get to start this sweet tradition with our boy. As fun as Santa and Christmas lights and presents are, we pray that as Caleb gets older, he would think of Jesus first when he thinks of Christmas. 
Thank you to everyone that loved our boy well during this season (and always)!

I hope everyone had such a great Christmas season! We were challenged yesterday at church to reflect on this past year and really work through how God wants to use us in this coming year. Can’t wait to see what is in store for 2016!

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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