All About Caleb: Off to 2nd Grade!

It is hard to believe but we are already in our third year of elementary school for our big guy! Something about second grade just seems BIG. But he was beyond ready! This year feels like his first NORMAL school year and we are SO excited for him. A lot of his close buddies areContinue reading “All About Caleb: Off to 2nd Grade!”

All About Caleb: Off to 1st Grade!

Here we are again – sending our child to elementary school in a pandemic! Although last year was so strange, Caleb absolutely loved kindergarten. His teacher and school were so wonderful and made school so much fun even amidst the weirdness. The great thing is that he didn’t really know the difference since it wasContinue reading “All About Caleb: Off to 1st Grade!”

Farewell to Summer, Hello to a New Chapter!

Wow! Looking back at my last blog post, it was OCTOBER. This feels like right around the time that life really geared back up to ‘normal-ish.’ But let’s be honest, normal is all pretty relative these days. Life just started to feel more full last fall when up to that point, it had been prettyContinue reading “Farewell to Summer, Hello to a New Chapter!”