Farewell to Summer, Hello to a New Chapter!

Wow! Looking back at my last blog post, it was OCTOBER. This feels like right around the time that life really geared back up to ‘normal-ish.’ But let’s be honest, normal is all pretty relative these days. Life just started to feel more full last fall when up to that point, it had been pretty bare. So apparently with the adjustment back, I clearly had no time to blog! This past summer has brought about a new chapter of my life so I’m hoping that means a little bit more time to write again.

After serving on our church staff for over five years, we feel like the Lord was leading me to take a step back. When Nick and I met, we were both working in ministry at two different churches. I left my staff position when we got married and it had always been our prayer that we would one day serve together on the same church staff. God was so incredible in answering that prayer and allowing us so many years to be in ministry together. As much as I have LOVED it, God was just tugging on my heart to focus more on my boys while I still have them at home. I’ve taken a position at our church preschool that I’m pretty excited about! When I came off church staff when we got married, I taught in preschool for a couple of years. So it’s not my first rodeo, but it will be the first time I have a kiddo at the preschool where I’m teaching which is fun! That’s right – Lukey Bear is headed to preschool this year. We also aren’t quite sure how he got old enough to do that but here we are. A new chapter for all of us!

Before we move to this next season, I wanted to do a quick highlight recap over our summer. Because it was FULL, FULL, FULL – especially compared to summer of 2020. We have reflected on this a bunch this summer. As excited as we were to be able to do things we missed, summer of 2020 will also be remembered as such a fun, chill summer where we just spent time with our bubble of people.

Here is our summer of 2021…

We went to Mexico with some of our favorite people in May! This should have been a whole blog post in its own because it was SO MUCH FUN.

The McCrarys came to stay over Memorial weekend and we had a blast together! They hadn’t been to Colorado since Luke was born so it was so much fun to actually leave our house and do fun, non-newborn things.

Pretty much all that happened between Mexico and this picture was VBS PREP!!! It was exciting to have VBS back in person this year even with all the restriction obstacles. This is a week where our entire family is serving & having fun together and we love it!

Bri and I were back at it this year with our themed birthday party! A 90’s Just Dance party was absolutely hilarious and such a totally awesome blast! Zack Morris would have been proud.

Student Camp was totally different this year but still so great!! Our awesome student ministry team hosted it on our church campus which was an incredible amount of work, but I’m pretty sure they would say it was totally worth it. Our boys certainly loved living that camp life every evening!

A family trip to the infamous Seaside was next on the agenda! Us and all of the southern states seemed to be vacationing together, but who can super complain when your days consist of beach & pool?

We celebrated the 4th of July with a pool party, fireworks, & LOTS of red, white, & blue!

These guys would definitely say a highlight was the All Star Game in Denver! Nick also got to go to the Homerun Derby while I rocked it as a boy mom and watched the whole thing on TV with the boys.

We spent TWO weeks in Texas this summer!! The first week, we hung out in DFW area with the cousins which included lots of swimming, splash pad, Fort Worth stockyards, a date night for the parentals, and family time!

Week two was at Nanan and Pop’s house in the Houston area which definitely included a lot of Olympics watching! Peep the banner and Olympics shirts.

Lake Boat Day!!! Lots of tubing & swimming for the cousin crew.

Water park day! These kids were living their best lives in the sun and water. The rest of the week was full of swimming and trampoline parks. Both things they absolutely love. Both things makes them sleep good at night. 😉

We spent a fun day in Galveston with Mimi & G-Daddy at the aquarium and eating yummy food! And LOTS of ice cream.

Some of my college besties and I met for brunch and my heart was so happy to be with them. These girls have been by my side since I met them, even if distance doesn’t always let us see each other.

Then I was able to end my Texas trip for a beach weekend with some of my other besties! We all became so close when we worked together over a decade ago (how is that even possible?). They are my original children ministry besties and I’ll love them forever!

Our trip came to an end and I survived a day in the airport with these two crazies! Both June & July trips brought cancelled or delayed flights which were definitely NOT a highlight of the summer. 🤪

Our family did a day in downtown Denver! I had not been down there since right before the pandemic so it was great to be back. We did the splash pad and checked out the new McGregor Square to watch the Rockies game.

Some family drove thru our part of Colorado for a trip which turned into such a great evening together! I say it all the time but if you’re ever in Colorado, PLEASE tell us because we want to see you.

These two besties got lots of fun play dates together during the summer! They may not have each other in school but they’re still partners in crime.

It’s been our family tradition for quite a few years now to do some time in Breck at the end of the summer. This year it had to just be a day trip, but it was still worth it! The annual trips with the boys in the same places makes my mama heart so happy.

And just like that, summer is over! The boys have all their back to school items and they are ready for the upcoming year. It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer, but we can’t wait to see what this school year will bring with new rhythms for our family!

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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