All About Caleb: Off to 1st Grade!

Here we are again – sending our child to elementary school in a pandemic! Although last year was so strange, Caleb absolutely loved kindergarten. His teacher and school were so wonderful and made school so much fun even amidst the weirdness. The great thing is that he didn’t really know the difference since it was his first year in elementary school anyway. And now he is off to first grade! We are choosing to celebrate the small victories like visitors (aka parents) being allowed back in the building, field trips coming back, and the biggest one for Caleb is eating lunch in the cafeteria. He is also pumped that they can play on the playground and eat lunch with the other first grade class since a lot of his buddies are in there. So again, not back to normal but choosing joy!

This year, we were able to go in person for Meet the Teacher! Caleb took us around on a tour of his school since Nick and Luke had never been inside. The school had a Jumpstart week and Caleb was able to get to know his new teacher there so he was pumped when he found out he had her for first grade!

Back to school means it was time for our Back to School Brinner {breakfast for dinner}! We celebrate the night before school begins with a special dinner. This gives us plenty of time to celebrate the new year, talk about school, and just bring some excitement to the new chapter! Caleb absolutely loves it because he is just like his mama – loves any reason to celebrate anything.

This year, Luke is starting school too – preschool! I always lay out Caleb’s backpack & water bottle on the chair in the corner so it got a little extra crowded this year. This year was back to Super Mario for Caleb and all baseball for Luke. Their favorite colors for their water bottles for the win (which their awesome Aunt Ley Ley & Nanan decked out with their names). Luke doesn’t start for another week, but we wanted to go ahead and celebrate both of them!

Our brinner is always decked out with place settings and decorated with school supplies. We always have some kind of variation of eggs, cinnamon rolls, fruit kabobs, sausage balls, and this year the boys went the chocolate milk route!

Our family has a red special plate that my family had growing up as well. It’s always a big day when you get to eat off the special plate! The problem is solved right now because Luke can’t eat off breakable plates yet (and doesn’t understand the significance of the special plate). Guess we will have to figure out something different when he gets older! Right now Mickey Mouse does the trick.

Ever since Caleb started preschool at 2 years old (in the same class that Luke is starting in!), I have asked him the same questions every year to see the difference. He is the one that now reminds me that it’s time to ask the questions!

What is your favorite color? Green

What is your favorite food? Pizza

Who is your best friend? Brooks & Hava

What is your favorite thing to play with? My Mario Kart cars

What is your favorite animal? Lion

What is your favorite movie? Yes Day

What is your favorite book? Dog Man books

What do you want to be when you grow up? A spy!

This kid is nothing if not consistent so he pretty much keeps the same answers every year. The last few are newer answers, especially because he can actually read this year! He flew through all the Dog Man books this past summer along with a lot of Nate the Greats.

Here are his answers (and cute pics!) from years past…


JR Kindergarten

3 Year Old Class

2 Year Old Class

Our guy is so ready for first grade! He loves school – everything from learning to hanging out with friends!

When his teacher asked him what he was most excited about for 1st grade, he said writing! His first day of school included his favorite specials class… can you guess? PE! He was quick to report that he also has a new PE teacher this year because the last one retired. He has been so cute to explain differences between kindergarten and first grade but so far, only good things!

A couple nights before school started, our family prayer walked around the school. (Huge benefit to it being basically in our back yard!) We all took turns praying for Caleb, all the students, all the teachers & staff, and for God to move through his entire school and for the Gospel to invade all the spaces. We are well aware that it is another strange, less than ideal year. But we also know that God has prepared Caleb for just a time as this and placed him in that school for a purpose. So we are praying BIG things for our BIG guy!

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

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