All About Luke: Off to Preschool!

Y’all, I don’t even know how we have arrived here. My little baby has decided to get all big enough to go to preschool. And what is even more fun is now I’m a preschool teacher and his class is literally right next to mine! It was always so fun knowing that Caleb was in the same building as me when he was in preschool, but it’s different actually being apart of the preschool with Luke. And by different, i mean that it’s really fun!

We celebrated Luke the same night as Caleb at our back to school brinner and we have steadily been trying to pump up the whole preschool thing. This summer, Luke has been crying every time we have dropped him off at his Sunday school class so I was a bit nervous about how this whole thing was all going to go. He kept saying he was excited but he’s also two years old so obviously he’s not always easy to believe! He is in the 2 year old class with Mrs. Paulette which is the same exact class that Caleb started in. We all went on and on about how amazing his teacher was, including big brother!

Since I’ve been asking Caleb the same questions since he started preschool, it was time to ask Luke the same ones! I have had lower expectations for him just because he is two months younger than what Caleb was when he started. But his answers were still pretty cute!

What is your favorite color? I love red!

What is your favorite food? Eggs (I’m pretty sure this was just because he was eating eggs at our back to school brinner. His favorite food is hot dogs ALL DAY LONG.)

Who is your best friend? JoJo

What is your favorite thing to play with? My car

What is your favorite animal? Lion

What is your favorite movie? Uhhhhh, I can’t remember that. Wreck it Ralph.

What is your favorite book? Uh… uh…Luca. Oh dinosaur book – I love that book! (He may or may not have received some help from JoJo on remembering about the dinosaur book.)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Uhhh.. GO TO SCHOOL!

The great news is that he went right into preschool with no tears at all! His teachers said he did great and every time I walked past, he was happily playing or participating. He gave us a report at the end of his first day that he had a good day which included playing at the playground (NOT in the sandbox), he ate his colored goldfish, and he is just going to go potty at home. He is not potty trained yet so apparently every time they asked if he wanted to try to potty, he said ‘I just go at home.’ 🤣

His backpack looks like a baseball and his water bottle is red so he pretty much loves everything about all of that! We are excited for our little guy and hope that he will have such a great year making some buddies and getting to be apart of something that is his own. When filling out the preschool paperwork, I wanted to write ‘he’s nothing like Caleb!’ 🤣 While Caleb is cautious, Luke is fearless. While Caleb loves to follow rules, Luke loves to be a little stubborn. The little guy loves to be silly and he makes us laugh on the regular! And one thing for sure is he loves his big brother BIG time. So anything to make time pass by until Caleb gets done with school, Luke is all about!

So here is to a super fun year for Lukey Bear! We love you buddy!

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