All About Caleb: Off to Jr Kindergarten!

Summer is over and it’s back to school time! (Now only if the weather would get the memo.) Caleb has officially started his last school year at the preschool at church and I’m trying to be totally chill about the whole thing. Next year he will be off at kindergarten in some building that I don’t work in acting all grown up. It’s fine.

He is in Junior Kindergarten this year which is making him feel VERY big! He doesn’t have any buddies in his class from his past years in preschool but he is handling it like a champ. He’s already connected with one of my friends’ little boys and they act like they’ve been friends forever!

We started a new tradition this year of having a Back to School Brinner (breakfast for dinner) the night before school starts. It was a great way to celebrate Caleb and chat about the upcoming school year.

I got the idea from Andrea over at The Momfessionals Blog and I think ours came out almost as cute as hers! I decorated with folders & nametags for our place settings along with mason jars full of crayons. I laid out the postcard he received from his teachers and his book called The Night Before Preschool for us to read together.

We also have a red special plate that’s a tradition from when I was a kid so Caleb was so excited to eat off of it! This was also the first year that we let him choose his own backpack and Mario is all the rage in our house right now. He is SO excited about his matching backpack, lunch box, & water bottle. Gotta respect his admiration for matching accessories.

JoJo joined us for our special dinner which was a treat! We had a special menu of sausage balls, fruit kabobs, cinnamon rolls and eggs. Brinner for the win!

Afterwards, we gave him a brand new Bible to start reading every night. We’ve read through the Jesus Storybook Bible several times so it seemed like good timing to start a new one! I’ve heard fantastic things about this Bible for little boys and he is loving it so far.

Ever since he’s started preschool, I’ve always asked him the same questions at the beginning of the year and the end of the year because it’s so fun to look back and see how his answers change. I’m sure he will just love when I’m still asking him these questions before his senior year.

What is your favorite color? Green!

What is your favorite food? Pizza

Who is your best friend? Brooks

What is your favorite thing to play with? Umm… my friends.

What is your favorite animal? Umm, lions.

What is your favorite movie? Cars

What is your favorite book? Super Monsters

What do you want to be when you grow up? A baseball player

(Can you hear Nick’s excitement from there?!)

Have a great year, sweet boy! We are rooting for ya!

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