the April chronicles

Well blame it on the chaos of May but our April recap is barely getting made in time before the next month is done! Eek! May came in a bit like a wrecking ball but I got it done and here is our April recap!!!

Like I said in last months blog, we started the month off in Mexico celebrating my sister and brother in law’s 40th! Think beach, pool, theme days, a day on an island, massages, all kinds of ridiculous birthday accessories and you’ve pretty much got our trip in a bag! It was a ton of fun and we loved getting to show up for them in a big way! Plus who doesn’t love a reason to go to Mexico?!

It sure helps to have amazing grandparents to hold down the fort in order to be able to do things like that!! These boys had a BLAST while we were gone and loved that they had their Mimi and G-Daddy all to themselves!!!

We got back right in time for the first t-ball game of the season! Luke has been AMPED UP for his turn at a sport but when it has come down to it, nerves have definitely gotten the best of him at times. But he persevered and did great!!!

Our friend group loves a good reason for a party, the Masters included! Even though the actual golf got rained out that day (something I would have never known without the party), we still had our own set of golf games and had our very own winner with a green jacket – Nick!! All creativity goes to Kristen who actually really loves golf! I’m sure everyone will be surprised to know that I was definitely there more for the chatting & the snacks.

Easter is always such a fantastic day! The boys are now able to serve with us at church which just makes it even more fun. They are rockstar greeters and sign holders and usually get TONS of attention. We also love our afternoons with our Easter framily that we’ve been spending it with ever since we’ve lived in Colorado. We all show up exhausted from serving all morning and just get to hang out together which is just perfect!

We had a fun girls night to celebrate Sarah’s birthday and had a very special guest with BABY JONAH!! We have prayed over this sweet baby for so, so long so get to meet him and hold him was the absolute best.

Throw in t-ball games with buddies coming to watch and lots of baseball practice for Caleb and Coach Nick! Their practice is in the field right by our house so it’s been lots of fun just walking right over! Luke and I are great cheerleaders.

A random Tuesday night at the Rockies game definitely paid off! Great seats, signed Kris Bryant baseballs, and getting to hang with Dinger! And of course ice cream because Luke 🙂

Nanan came to visit!!! We had a whole weekend of baseball planned for her to see both boys play but the snow had other ideas. Welcome to springtime in Colorado (eyeroll here). We took the boys to Slick City to ease the pain and burn off energy instead. And then Nanan got to see how crazy it is that the very next day all the snow is just gone! We are so glad she came!!

The Naturals finally had their opening weekend and Colorado decided to apologize with incredible weather for it!!! The boys did so great and it was so fun to watch!

And we can’t forget that Luke got to meet a bird at preschool!! How brave!

I do believe the theme of April (and our May too – just wait!) was definitely baseball. The boys LOVE it and I love it for them! If we aren’t watching it, practicing it, at a game, then it’s being played in our backyard. I think it’s safe to say that their dad’s dreams are coming to fruition. So there’s April and before you know it, I’ll be back with May! Whew!

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