the March chronicles

I can’t believe this year is already three months down! It feels like it is flying by. I’m a bit behind on posting about March because we ended it in Mexico and went straight into Easter week, but we have recovered and I am back! So here’s a little recap on all things March…

I was able to start the month off with a weekend in the mountains with my girls live-streaming if:gathering which was a pretty fantastic beginning! I love these girls and love getting to dive deep into our relationships with Jesus together. Throw in a beautiful cabin with gorgeous surroundings and it was a pretty amazing weekend.

Caleb had show & tell at school and chose to take all of the seashells that he received from sweet Mrs. Nona from all over the world! He loved being able to share with the class and I love that he chose something so sentimental.

Reading books at bedtime can sometimes end like this for the little guy. Fast asleep with a book on his face. Caleb will often come get us to see because he also thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world.

I was able to chaperone the second grade field trip to the zoo! It was such a fun, fast-paced day with a group of boys and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I always enjoy getting to be apart of anything with Caleb’s school & seeing him in his element. 🙂

Caleb finished off his basketball season and they had such a blast! He had incredible coaches and such a fun team that he loved playing with. This kid loves each sport he plays!

We had the opportunity to be apart of the sweetest baby shower ever for the most precious baby boy that we cannot wait to meet!

With the school year getting closer to an end, it makes our hearts so sad to know our time at Caleb’s school year is closing in. The PTA had shirts made for the whole community and they all look so great every Friday reppin’ their school spirit!

Sometimes I just never know what I’m going to walk into the room to with Luke. Just sitting on the trash can holding an old cell phone. Just living his life.

Luke performed in our preschool Spring Program and did SO great!!! Again, you never really know what he is going to do until game time with these kinds of activities but he sang and danced and was SO proud. Which resulted in Yogurtland to kick off Spring Break!

Nobody could accuse these guys for not showing up for St. Patty’s day.

Spring Break happenings included a first time to In-n-Out, trip to the library, free cones from DQ, and a swim day for the big kid. Staycation for the win!

Our big spring break adventure was to Slick City with a huge group of friends! All kinds of ridiculous kinds of slides makes for a super fun day for these kiddos. Top it off with icees and they are happy kids! Nick even did it once and has battle wounds on his hoodie from it that he’s not super thrilled about. So needless to say, it’s intense!

Meeting with my mentor is not ever documented but certainly one of my favorite things. Plus it always comes with super pretty lattes!

My favorite friend ‘from Ireland’ was in town and I so love the time that I got to spend with her!! And so excited that we actually get to go visit them in the near future! Eek!

Mimi & G-Daddy arrived for the epic grandparent weekend sleepover for our trip to Mexico!!

Our weekend in Mexico began to celebrate the sissy and brother in law’s birthday!!! Much more on that later!

And there is March!!! Here’s to April and WARM WEATHER (hopefully)!!!

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