What’s Up Wednesday! 

It’s Hump Day! Remember that ridiculous commercial with the camels about what day it was?! Pretty sure me and one of my besties used to text each other each Wednesday morning with camel emojis. Because we are just super cool like that. (Love ya Tiff!)

Today I’m linking up for What’s Up Wednesday! to share all the random things going on in the Jones fam right now.   



Meal planning in our home happens every Friday and then I ask Nick if he has anything he’s been craving to add to the list. The beginning of this week was cold and a little snowy so Frito Pie was definitely in order. Since I work until 5 on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s now, my crockpot has become my BFF. So anyone that wants to share their fave slow cooker recipe, I’m all ears!  


Baby Caleb. I blame TimeHop for this. Everyday I’m reminded of just how tiny that kid was a year ago today.  


And then their whole then|now feature allows my mind to really be blown to see the difference side by side.  

 Luckily he is such a cuddly kid that I still get to squeeze him tight all the time. If I can catch him first. 


So this will sound like such a cliche answer but my boys are what I am really loving right now. A day doesn’t usually go by that I don’t have a moment of disbelief that I get to do life with Nick and that God chose us to be Caleb’s parents. Nick is such a rockstar at being my biggest encourager and Caleb is always so lovey that I’m pretty sure I’ve got a fan in him too.  Then the two of them together pretty sure just makes my heart smile huge. I mean, look how stinkin cute they are playing together. 



Pretty much everything. As I’ve already talked about our crazy 2 weeks here and then we had a fun family weekend at Red Rocks and now we are just back to normal routine things. PTL. 


I don’t think I’m currently dreading anything so that’s always a good thing, right?! 


So I’m the co-coordinator of VBS this year at our church (or really assistant coordinator because I’m just following along and figuring it out as I’m told..haha!). I’m super excited because I remember back to my old children’s ministry days of recruiting VBS leaders and now it’s like I get to switch roles. 🙂 SO with that being said, if you go to my church then you should totally be signing up to volunteer in VBS this summer!  


Two of my besties decided to have babies within weeks of one another! Well actually God decided, but still fun. So Amanda had her precious little girl last week. 

Tiffany should be having her baby girl within this next week. When we found out about us moving to Colorado, Tiff and I pretty much made Nick sign in blood that I would get to fly out when those babies arrived. And now it’s almost here! Can. Not. Wait. 


Well the other day I was asking a college girl what shows she watches on TV and I quickly figured out I share some of the same ones. Whoops. (Just remember this is a no judgement zone.)

 For as long as I can remember, The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) was a girls Monday night tradition with my friends. Now unfortunately we all live in different cities but don’t you fret. We have set up a a bachelor fantasy league (think fantasy football). So yes, I guess you could say I’m a die-hard fan. #noshame 

  This one I won’t stand by and say no shame.. because I’m a bit embarrassed (and rightly so). This is a show I binge watched on Netflix years ago and am now caught up and have to watch every Tuesday night to finally get closure of when these poor ridiculous girls will finally make good choices like calling the cops instead of thinking its a better idea to keep secrets that just make them look straight guilty as they are blackmailed and tortured to a ridiculous degree. So you could say I’m just in too deep. 
  Let me introduce you to my best friends Chip and JoJo. Unfortunately I need to meet them first. There was a time that Joanna commented on one of my Instagram posts and it pretty much made my life.  
 That makes us best friends, right? Seriously though. I love this show. I love this couple. I love that they love Jesus. It’s all a bunch of win wins. (So surely this redeems me watching PLL, right?)

  This is the show that I’m slowly making my way through on Netflix. And the reason why I don’t just binge watch it all the way through? Because of my emotional well being, that’s why. I BAWL EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I think it’s best I go slow through this so that way I don’t overwhelm my husband with everything Bravermans (and how I want to BE a Braverman) or so I don’t have an emotional meltdown every single night. Either way. SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I can’t handle it. 
  I have an amazing aunt that mailed me this book and it just happened to already be on my to-read list. (Aunt Jackie, you rock!) I’ve already started it and love it. It’s a book written by Lauren Chandler over Psalm 107 and how she clung to God’s steadfast love through a storm in her life when they discovered her husband had a brain tumor. I grew up in youth group where her husband, Matt was my youth intern and went on to be our camp and DNOW pastors as his teaching ministry grew. I can’t wait to read this book of spiritual encouragement by someone that seems so transparent and real. I’ll let you know my thoughts once I finish! 
  Now this is the book we are currently going through in our growth group. I think marriage books are always good reminders to continue to spur on loving our spouses well, but this is definitely the first time we have done that in a group setting. There have been everything from laughs to awkwardness and we are only one section in! I seriously just feel so blessed that we have a group to do this authentically with. 


My little man is currently cutting four teeth, one being a molar so I’m listening to a lot of this… 

 The poor guy. Every night for our bedtime prayers, Nick includes ‘..and may those teeth come in quickly and healthy and ready to eat steak.’ AMEN. 


Well I am NOT a selfie girl by any means. Something I do wear now that I can confidently say I’ve never worn before in my life is snow boots. It’s still weird for me every time I put them on but I’ve learned the value of them too many times from slipping in my other shoes. So snow boots it is! And it helps that my mom bought me these cute ones. 🙂 



I’m a little terrified of this one because I don’t know if I’m excited or anxious. I might needed to put it under the dreading section. I’m going to Casa Bonita

Pretty much EVERYONE says to prepare myself to throw up afterwards because the food makes you sick so that should make me really want to go, right?? But apparently it’s one of those bucket list must-do’s in Colorado (at least to some people) so it’s happening. Sooo.. I’m sure I’ll let you know how that goes. 


EASTER! Hands down. If you haven’t picked this up yet, I LOVE all holidays. Especially Easter. We get to celebrate the biggest thing ever which is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins to reconcile us to God and then three days later rising from the grave to go to Heaven and prepare a place for us. This is a HUGE reason to celebrate! I pray for the day that this resonates in our little boy’s heart and he truly grasps the Gospel. So bring on Easter!!


Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the incredible people that God has placed in my life and what a great encouragement they are in their faith in Christ. That is no exception when I think of our sweet friends, Jake & Jennifer. She shared yesterday her story about their precious little boy Dustin. I feel led to share it because it is such a testament to how good our God is (even when things don’t feel good) and how all things point back to Him. I hope their story is just as encouraging to you and how cool that God is already getting all the glory in this handsome little guy’s life!  

And that is it for What’s Up Wednesday, my friends! We are halfway to the weekend. We got this! Just imagine a huge camel in your office/classroom if that helps get ya through. 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday! 

  1. Ahhhhh!!!! Casa Bonita!!! A Colorado Classic. Ha! I went to the University of Colorado….Colorado holds a special place in my heart. Casa Bonita does not hold a special place in my heart. LOL!
    Thanks for linking up with us for What’s Up Wednesday! 🙂


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