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Aren’t weddings just the best? Especially when you love both people and it’s just so evident that God has called them together. SO FUN. 

This past weekend, we had the fantastic opportunity to get to celebrate with Kristian and Chad as they got married. Now Kristian is technically Nick’s friend from growing up in youth group, but I quickly claimed her as my own friend the weekend I met her. She used to fly to Texas to be one of Nick’s DNOW leaders every year (talk about an awesome friend!) and he placed us to lead together the year that Nick and I were engaged. Sharing a bed and leading some sophomore girls together for a weekend will quickly bond you. 🙂 And also make you take hilariously random pictures like the following.. Ha! 


Years later, she was introduced (with the intention of a set up) to a cousin of one of Nick and Kristian’s mutual friends and sure enough, it worked! Matchmaking for the win!!! (I am pro-set-ups because that is, after all, how Nick and I met.) We have had the opportunity to get to know Chad since we moved to Colorado and we were definitely a fan! When they got engaged, they asked Nick to officiate their wedding which was such a huge honor. It’s of course ALWAYS an honor to be asked to play such an instrumental part in such an important day. Even more than that though, Kristian’s dad is Nick’s pastor from growing up and definitely someone that Nick views as a mentor. I know that Nick was incredibly honored they asked him and also to have the opportunity to honor Kristian’s dad through that as well. We were then able to walk through premarital counseling with them which was so fun and showed even more that God had created them to be such a great fit. 

It was wedding time!!!

Caleb and I were of course willing to do our part too in helping Nick prepare for the big day. We may or may not now have their vows memorized. 😉  


So Saturday night was the rehearsal and dinner at The Perfect Landing which is a restaurant located on the campus of an airport. Chad is a pilot so it was pretty fitting. And the views of the mountains and sunset were pretty stinkin’ incredible. But I can’t prove it to you because I completely picture failed. LAME. 

Sunday was wedding day!!! They got married at The Welshire Inn and it was absolutely beautiful.  And I gotta admit, there’s something pretty attractive about listening to your husband teach on marriage. 

You may now kiss the bride!!!  


Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Odegaard!!!! 


And then it’s time to make it legal.  


The reception was such a fun time and so great to catch up with friends! Here come all of the pictures.. 


There’s just something ridiculous that happens when guy friends are reunited after a long time. Or when they are made to take an insane amount of pictures by their wives. Either way.
After all, this had already happened in the car pre-ceremony.  

 We don’t always take selfies, but when we do, we usually have to take a million because I forget which side button I am supposed to press so I keep accidentally turning my screen off. Thank goodness we work with students and they can remind me of all things relevant. #weold #29forever #butreally30 


Chad and Kristian, we love you and are so excited for this new chapter in your lives! You can count on us to be committed to always pray for your marriage! Here’s to the Odegaards!!!

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