A Snapshot Recap

Wow these past couple weeks have been crazy! So I figured the easiest way to recap would be would be snapshot style. 

Two weekends ago, little man got hand foot and mouth disease. That was MISERABLE. 

And let it be known that’s the first time he’s just randomly fallen asleep on the couch. #blesshisheart 

When we finally rejoined the world, we were LOVING some sunshine. 

Then my boys spoiled me all week long for Mother’s Day since we would be out of town for the actual day. 

We enjoyed some wagon riding. 

Then it was off to visit Nick’s extended family in Maryland/DC. 

Flying with a one year old is an ADVENTURE. To say the least. 😉

He said no thank you to sleeping on the plane but finally gave in while waiting to rent the car…

The next morning was Mother’s Day! On the agenda was brunch at the country club with the whole family. Caleb got to meet his great-grandparents, great-uncle & great-aunt, and second cousins (???). Second and third cousins always confuse me so yeah. 

Could he be any cuter all dressed up? 

He was on his best behavior considering it was technically nap time. Time change for the win! 

The food was pretty much phenomenal. #givemeallthecrabcakes

The view was also super pretty so it was definitely made for a fantastic Mother’s Day! And of course it helps that I pretty much love being this guy’s mama more than life itself. 

We spent the next day with Nick’s grandparents, Gram & Papa. They won over little man quickly with some cars and animal crackers.

Nick and I even went out for coffee during his nap time. A spontaneous coffee date? Yes please. 

It was such a special day to be able to spend time with Gram and Papa. Caleb LOVES saying Papa on repeat now. (He can’t quite get Gram down yet.)

Someone also loves tons of silliness from his two favorite people.  

Then it was back to Colorado! But this time we had an extra person traveling with us which made little man VERY excited. 

This week then flew by so YAY for the weekend!! And for more sunshine! 

Happy weekend everyone!! 

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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