Friday Favorites: Random Catch-Up Edition


Was everyone starting to think that I had completely fallen off the face off the blogging world?  September has come and gone and now we are facing the weekend of my child turning TWO. Where has the time gone?!

So today is Friday so I’m coming back at you linking up with Andrea and Erika for a dose of…

So first things first, let’s just address the life transition things right off the bat. The one I’ve already mentioned is the fact that Caleb will be two on Saturday. This birthday is harder for me than his first birthday for some reason. I think it’s because at that point, he still wasn’t walking or talking much and still felt very babyish to me. Now the kid is nonstop running and chatting my ear off at all times and looks VERY much like a big kid with how tall he has gotten. Where did the squishy chubby babyness go?!

We have a wedding this weekend so we will be celebrating Saturday morning with the three of us and then having some people over to celebrate him on Sunday for yet again, another Broncos football party. It just kind of landed that way and let’s be honest, the kid loves football anyways so it works. (And thinks all football equals Broncos so apparently Nick’s brainwashing is working.)

Our second life transition that is a huge favorite is the fact that WE HAVE LIVED IN COLORADO FOR A YEAR. What in the world?! This one still blows my mind a bit, because while it does feel like we have been here a while, some days it still feels so new. We do absolutely love our new home state and church and still get so overwhelmed at times about God’s faithfulness to bring us here. I have completed the process of becoming a Coloradan with my driver’s license (that happened 9 months ago) and now my car’s license plate as well so looks like we are staying. šŸ˜‰

I will say that fall in Colorado is a HUGE favorite, because as shocking as it is to people here, you do NOT see colors change in Texas. It’s just not a thing that happens. So we have been all about the fall things as we’ve driven up to the mountains to check out this changing of the colors situation that everyone talks about here. And let’s just say, it did not disappoint. We went a couple of weeks ago so it wasn’t quite peak time yet, but still so pretty. I’m a fan.

And while we are on the topic of Colorado favorites, I finally went to a concert at Red Rocks and let’s just go ahead and make the bold statement that this is the best concert venue ever. I don’t think I would care who I was seeing perform there, because it’s just so stinkin’ beautiful. (But I’m sure it helped that I did actually like the bands as well.)

Fall in Colorado also means that Broncos season is in full force and that is definitely a huge FAVE for these boys. Well, one more than the other but it still counts.

While they have been doing all of the watching of all of the games, I’ve been busy organizing the little man’s toys which I am PUMPED about. Everything in me needed all of his toys to be sorted in clearly labeled toys and put away so that way I could continue to live my clutter-free life. I totally geeked out over my OCD-ness on this and made both boys come look at the finishing product with “COME SEE HOW EXCITING!”

I’m pretty sure they weren’t quite as convinced on how awesome this was and Caleb actually prefers to play with the tubs this way…

Either way, my heart is still happy.

So we have been busy busy and this weekend is no exception. Nick is officiating a wedding and of course we will be celebrating the little man’s birthday all weekend. So here’s to a fun-filled weekend of celebrations (and yummy cake)! Happy Friday everybody! 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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