Embracing Fall: Weekend Recap

So let’s just start with saying that fall in Colorado is dramatically different than fall in Texas. The colors make it beyond gorgeous and can pretty much make a simple street look like a postcard. Let’s just be real with the fact that I am for sure in love. The weather has been ‘unseasonably warm’ as all the Coloradans keep saying, but it’s still cooler than Texas so I’ll take it. This past weekend we went up to the mountains so it actually was cooler weather for boots and sweaters and all the wonderful fall clothes. (Although you will still spot my husband in shorts and flip flops because that’s my husband for yah.) 

We started off the trip on Friday morning with story time at the library because Nick and Caleb go every Friday morning while I’m at work. It was pretty stinkin cute to see them do their thing because I so often hear those songs at home. (And can we just say what a fantastic dad that will endure a circle full of moms with littles being the only guy just because he knows our little man loves it?)

After that, we headed for the mountains! 

We stopped for lunch in Buena Vista which was adorable. I am so glad that I finally saw it in person because I always hear people talk about it! We ate at a cute restaurant where they had a fun outside patio with areas to play. Great for little man on a long road trip! 

Back on the road with some absolutely incredible views! We took the way a local suggested which started off on paved roads and then for sure included a long dirt road up a mountain. #notforthefaintofheart

We finally made it to Crested Butte! Caleb  needed to relax for a bit in the hotel before we did anything. And by relax, I mean take off his pants and shoes and run around like a crazy person in his diaper. 😉

After that shenanigans, we headed for the town!  Which of course was precious. These kind of benches were all around the town and this guy was a big fan. 

They also had signs EVERYWHERE that you just never really see in Texas. Like ever. 

We had dinner at a fun local spot that was absolutely delicious so no documentation happened. Pretty much everyone in there knew each other (both employees & customers) so obviously this is not a big town, people. 

It was then back to the hotel for an early bedtime to get ready for our hike in the morning! Sleeping in the same hotel room with a 2 year old puts you to bed early but we weren’t complaining. The next morning, we got up and out quick. We had been amping up Caleb all week for hiking and that he was going to get to ride in Daddy’s ‘backpack’. Well it definitely worked because he thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS and cracked up for like the first 10 minutes of the hike. 

These two were champs hiking ‘together’. It’s a good thing they are already best friends. 

We reached the top which was an overlook of a gorgeous waterfall. Caleb was convinced Daddy should drink it, but since that would include jumping down the thousand foot drop to reach it, he kindly passed. (And no it wasn’t a thousand feet, but I’m bad at math but good at the dramatics.)

See? I told you. Nobody wants to be that guy in the sign. 

So it was definitely a successful first hike for Caleb!!! He had a blast and was very proud. 

On the way back to our hotel, it was necessary to stop to take in the views. Because this. 

Can we just say how incredible of a creator God is?! This is evidence of His existence at its finest. And our view from our balcony at our hotel wasn’t too shabby either. 

After showering up, we headed back to the cute town for lunch! 

And someone got distracted by wanting to be a future ski bum..

We ate at another local restaurant where the food was also delicious. (Let’s be honest.. it was all local places. Not a chain restaurant in sight.) Breakfast served all day made this fam real happy. 

We walked around and went into all the little shops. Caleb loves being just like Daddy and felt the need to put his hands in his pockets (with mommy’s help). 

We then headed to the playground to get out some energy before our drive back. 

Coffee is necessary for every long drive. 

Then it was time to head back to reality. And it was pretty obvious that a certain little guy had a blast. 

On Sunday, we kept up doing all of the fall things by going to a little ‘punkin’ patch (in Caleb’s language).

We saw horses and goats and puppies. And shocking no one at all, Caleb preferred to only look at them from a distance.  He did however like attempting to pick up pumpkins to see if he could hold them or if they were ‘TOO BIG!’ He also rode all the little tractors and cars they had sitting out.


Obviously it was a super fantastic weekend and we loved every bit of it! It’s always so fun exploring my new state (since it’s not actually new to Nick) with my awesome little family. Can’t wait for more adventures! 

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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