Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition

Happy first Friday of 2017!!! Does anyone else have trouble remembering to write the new year?! I told someone the other day that sometimes I still write 2014… so here’s to stop going back in time!! 

Since I barely blogged like AT ALL in December because we were so busy with all of the festive things, I decided a recap in the form of fast-paced favorites was the way to go. So get ready to hear all of my favorites, Christmas edition…

We wore adorable Christmas jammies next to our Christmas tree..

..and danced our hearts out at the Christmas Family Worship Night (along with sitting for a bit next to our best girl)..

And Santa even came to visit before we left for Texas! (Because apparently he had space issues in the car..)

We headed to Texas for our first 12 hour road trip as a family of 3!!! And little man was a CHAMP. 

We were BEYOND excited to see our people at the end of the day. There were lots of squeals and hugs when we arrived! 

We got to see some of my very best girls and their families. No big deal when 10 adults and 16 kids get together for dinner. 

We had a whole Christmassy day planned but first, books on the stairs. #priorities

Lots of looking at fun things at the Gaylord happened…

Mexican food also had to happen while in Texas. Which gives me and this cutie all the excitement. 

Downtown Grapevine is known as The Christmas Capitol of Texas so we of course needed that in our lives. 

Every day me and my bestie read Erika, Andrea, and Shay’s blogs and then discuss all of the things. So when we planned our Christmas trip, we knew we HAD to visit the infamous downtown McKinney to visit all of the places. And it did not disappoint! (Thanks for sharing your lives with us, ladies! It definitely made for a fun girls & kids’ day!) 

A Polar Express to the North Pole in our jammies? Count us in! 

A meeting with Santa was on the agenda too. We don’t mind that he was utterly confused and thought the kids were twins instead of cousins. 😉

A huge Christmas Eve celebration with so many family members was pretty much the best. 

Who knew just a few hours later THIS would happen?! 

Best Christmas favorite EVER!!!

But don’t worry, the kids still did all of the unwrapping of the gifts. 

More of our favorite people showed up and we were sure to introduce them to Baby Dylan! 

We said our weepy goodbyes to a favorite of ours.

And we did more of the adoring of baby Dylan. 🙂

And then more of the unwrapping of gifts…

We also squeezed in the building of a gingerbread house somehow..

Dancing cousins became a thing. 

And then it was time for good-bye. 😦 Thankfully the little guy still did amazing in the car, even with the broken heart of leaving his Maddie Moo. Hats are the cure for everything in this family. 

And just like that, Christmas is over and we are on to the new year! Happy New Year to anyone that somehow endured this long blog..Cheers to you!! 

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

One thought on “Friday Favorites: Christmas Edition

  1. I am so excited to get your blog, now I do not feel as though I missed Christmas with all of you. Thanks for the recap.


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