reunited and it feels so good!

So this weekend three of my all-time favorite girls came to visit! My mom, sister, & niece flew in late Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was a fast whirlwind of a trip but SO worth it.   Those eyes. Those pigtails. I can’t even handle it. It was Maddie Moo’s first flight and they reported that she was a champ! No sleeping for her though so she was a bit tuckered out throughout the weekend. But she was still a rockstar! 

We haven’t seen them since we moved so it’s been 7.5 WEEKS without seeing my little Moo. That may not seem very long, but when I had rarely gone a day of her life without seeing her, it’s kind of a BIG DEAL. And she went and got all big on me!  Here she is being all cute while climbing in and out of Caleb’s truck. I told her that she can stop growing up now, especially this fast. She told me she was going to convince her parents to move to Colorado. It was a good talk. 

So we did as many fun things as possible in those 48 hours… We walked around downtown Littleton, we went winter clothes shopping (my mom doesn’t want me to freeze in my Texas wardrobe.. thanks Mom!), we drove them to Idaho Springs to see a mountain town and eat ‘mountain pies’ (AKA stinkin delicious pizza), we took them to our amazing church, and then they left! Told you it was so quick but so fun! 

Here are some fun pics from the weekend..   

And one more thing I have to show you! We found this mug in downtown Littleton that I am pretty much obsessed with now.  

Probably because it’s so true! 

So thank you Mom, Ash, & Moo for making the trip so that we could show you our new home that we love.. We love y’all so much!

(And to the rest of you.. Plan your trips now to come see us. We are waiting.)

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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