Our Home, Christmas Style!

It’s the most wonderful time of year!! So I thought it would be fun to share the fun Christmas things that are decorating our home right now. Plus one of the blogs I read everyday (Momfessionals) is doing a Show & Tell of Christmas decor so I was inspired! So come on inside and take a look.. Living in a new house is always fun (& a bit of a challenge) to find new home for the decor. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Jones house!!

  We have a storm door so the pretty Christmas wreath my sister made me gets to hang on the house. It’s called making it work!
 Not having a mantle this year required some creativity! The front entryway buffet got a lot of our usual mantle pieces.

  We do a real tree in the Jones home! The only time we discuss getting an artificial one is when we are lugging it into our home and putting it in the stand. (NOT FUN.) This is definitely something that Nick is very sweet for putting up with me about.. And one day I will probably give in and go with the fake one. But for this year, real it is! (Thanks babe!)  As you can see, our stockings are hung with care… on the random decorative wall (don’t even know what to call that thing!). It makes for great stocking hangers though!         A few other touches in the living room!   LOVE getting to decorate my farmhouse table for Christmas. And obviously burlap has my heart.         The kitchen is so fun this year! It helps that the coffee bar is pretty much where I like to live.

 These little nuggets are on my kitchen window and I love it. They both pretty much hated Santa this year so that hilarious picture will join this one soon. #memories #mamatried

 One of my all time favorite things during Christmas time is receiving all of the fantastic cards! I love when this little tree gets all filled up by the people we love!

 If you know me really well, you know my hidden secret love for snow globes (please please do NOT buy me a snow globe though.. I absolutely refuse to be the snow globe lady). But this beautiful nativity snow globe goes perfectly in our guest room.

 Here is just a fun festive decoration for the bathroom! Because it’s Christmas EVERYWHERE.

 In Caleb’s room, we put this little jingle bell tree. He absolutely LOVES it and Nick even made up a song about it that he sings while shaking it. You should ask him to sing it for you sometime… 🙂

So that’s it, folks! As I’ve (impatiently) learned, so many people collect their Christmas decor over many many years so although I would love to go out and buy everything I want now, it’s fun to think that each year I can bring in a fun new piece!

If anyone is wondering, I do think Caleb is enjoying this Christmas season! The bottom portion of our tree does not have ornaments (because most of them look like balls and homeboy loves to throw balls) but actually, he has completely stayed away from the tree. He even seems a little scared of it and refuses to get too close. Which fine by me!

So other than Santa and the Christmas tree, I’m just sure he loves Christmas…

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

7 thoughts on “Our Home, Christmas Style!

  1. Stopping over from the linkup.Your house looks great ! I gave a glass door and I hang my wreath with two clear giant suction cups that I bought for literally $1.99 at Walmart. They work GREAT and you can hang without any damage or fuss.


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