Christmas is getting so much closer!!! LESS THAN TWO WEEKS. Ahhhhh!!!! 

Here are some things I’m loving right now…

My mom and her boyfriend, Steve came to visit this past weekend!! Since for us this year meant Thanksgiving in Texas and Christmas in Colorado, some of my family are coming to us. I’m pretty confident it has something to do with a certain little one year old but I’ll take it. We did Christmas together and Caleb LOVED it.  

I’m pretty sure Nanan could get a job at the North Pole what with all the gifts she brought. Santa’s got some competition. 

Another thing I’m loving right now is this picture.  

I seriously crack up every time I look at it. SO DRAMATIC. They encouraged me to sit with him to ‘help’ the situation.  

Obviously it worked. I felt a little uncomfortable of the proximity of Santa as well so I guess I can’t blame the little guy. They also had us take this family picture which we were totally not prepared for. (Apparently we went for the whole North Pole photo shoot. My goodness.) 

Another thing I’m absolutely LOVING is how Caleb is taking his afternoon naps lately. He now plays in his crib for a good while and then just plops right over. The other day he fell asleep sitting up, just leaned back. And today this happened. That CAN’T be comfortable. 

So Christmas to me equals lots and lots of goodies and sweet treats!!! Last week I baked a million and one cookies and I certainly have done my share of eating yummy things wherever I go. BUT. Nothing says Christmas to me like my mama’s Texas Trash. (How country did that sound??) I LOVE IT. Ever since I could remember, my mom always makes a ginormous batch of ‘trash’ and then gives it away as presents but we always kept a ton at our house too. Talk about snacking your way thru Christmas. I made sure that I would not miss out just because I live far away and she did not disappoint.  

I seriously can’t walk by the container without eating some. Although I am concerned why that other name is on it and why he keeps reminding me that it’s not just mine.  

I do love so so so many things about Christastime, but definitely on the top of the list is going through an Advent devotional as a family. Nick and I have always done this since we have been married and it is such a rich way of preparing your heart for Christmas. Sometimes we try different ones, but the one we truly love is John Piper’s. This is a free printable, y’all! Definitely worth checking out because it’s certainly never too late to really study why we celebrate Christmas. And it has been so sweet to walk through this with Caleb. Sometimes he sits in our lap and listens and sometimes (most the time) he’s just in the room playing. But it totally counts. 🙂
The last thing I’ll share that I’m SUPER loving right now is that this little cutie is headed my way tomorrow (along with her parents)! AND they are spending a whole week. Here’s to lots of playtime and cuddles and fun showing them around! 


That’s all for now! Hope everyone is having such a fantastic Christmas season so far! 

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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