2016: Resolutions of Sorts

A new year. A fresh start. A blank slate.

It’s funny how some people get so jazzed about making resolutions and then there are people that think it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world (aka my husband, who refused to say ‘happy new year’ and instead said ‘happy Friday’). But I however think it’s fun to look on the new year with excitement and new goals (or resolutions if you want to be traditional). Especially if we are believers in Jesus Christ then we are made new everyday! So today I’ll link up for Show & Tell Tuesday to share my thoughts and hopes for 2016.

 So this is totally cheating but I read an article right before the new year about resolutions to consider and found myself nodding at every single one so I will just share that now. And you can read that and now I’m done. Kiddinggggggg.

The first one I plan on cracking down on is getting off technology more. I have a little person around me 24/7 and the last thing I want is for him to think my phone is more important than him and also connected to my hand. So I am unplugging for chunks of the day. I will set my phone in the kitchen (while we are in the living room) so I can still hear it ring just in case but also can’t reach it to check all of the oh so important things on social media. Because let’s get real, Facebook will still be there when little man takes a nap.

Second on my list is cutting myself some slack. I am a {recovering} perfectionist which just basically means that I definitely still have my moments where I have to remember that life will go on if I have not done everything absolutely perfect or if the house is not perfect or if my kid is not perfect.. You get the picture. So obviously with this, cutting myself some slack is CRUCIAL. Because hello. It’s unattainable on this side of Heaven. My prayer is that I would continue to let those things go this year and give myself more grace. The PRAY MORE definitely fits nicely with this too. Because I can’t let those things go if my sole focus isn’t on Christ and my identity is not found in HIM always. Because that is enough.

My next one that I loved from that article is read more good books and listen to more music. If you know me at all, you know I love to read. I’ve fallen out of that habit lately so I need my people to tell me what books I should be reading!!! (Seriously, let’s hear your faves.) The music thing is MUCH needed in my life today. I need less tv in our home and more really good music. So why don’t you good music people go ahead and suggest all of the great things I should be listening to? Educate me, people. Come on you twenty-somethings and students, help a girl out. (Which when did I get old and become a non-twenty-something. Ugh. Shoot me now.)

So that’s basically it for resolutions, because let’s start small people. And let’s be realistic.

I am so pumped for 2016 though! I am excited for Littleton to continue to become our home, for friendships to continue to form and deepen, and for the student ministry to continue to grow and thrive!

A HUGE thing I’m looking forward to is if:gathering this year!!!

 I’ve done the if:equip study for almost two years now but this will be my first year to actually GO to the gathering. (Insert party emojis here!!!) I am beyond excited!! If you haven’t signed up for an if:local, you totally should.. They meet all over the country (so there’s definitely one somewhere in your backyard) on February 5-6 and it’s not too late to sign up. You can also sign up to receive their daily study which is so fantastic and easy to keep up with. So come on with it.. You could be as excited as me right now!!!

So here’s to 2016 everyone!!! Let’s make it super fantastic!

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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