All About Caleb

So I started blogging again with the whole purpose of it being a way to document my little man’s life. And since I’m not anywhere near creative enough (or have an ounce of desire) to create some type of scrapbook, a blog it is! But I’ve yet to actually do a whole post about him to share what he’s up to (which is really the only reason half the people read this.. looking at you, grandparents) so today’s the day.

Caleb is ONE! Fifteen months really, but if you ask him, he will proudly throw up that index finger to tell you. He’s quite the bigger boy (always has been) so he’s in 24 mth clothes, sometimes he can even bust out a 2T which kind of breaks this mama’s heart. I packed up a bunch of his old clothing this week and definitely makes me a little sad to see what he’s outgrown. Stay little forever, little man.

He is also starting to walk like crazy!!! I think for a little bit there Nick had lost all hope that Caleb would ever walk. I never pushed it because I knew once he did, life was over as we knew it. But he has figured it out and LOVING being able to do it. He now doesn’t like to be held in public places because he is just wayyy too big for that and thinks that he should be walking instead. (He hasn’t quite mastered it yet so sorry buddy, you will be held thru IKEA.) He also gets a huge kick out of walking back and forth in his crib. It’s the small things, y’all. Let’s just say the kid is a HUGE fan of his new skill.

It’s like he’s starting to grow up all at once because he just now has the peaked interest in learning words and actually SAYING them. After 15 months of saying ‘say this, Caleb’ or ‘this is a blahblahblah’, he has finally decided that yes, that is a good idea Mom! So things he consistently says now are Mama, Dada, car, please and J (the letter).. But he is also starting to make sounds like vroom, meow, moo, and roar. It is all very very cute and I’m pretty in love with his sweet little voice (but I’m sure it’s not because I’m biased at all).

Another thing he LOVES to do is show you his belly. Because no shame. And the good thing about it is he doesn’t require you to show him yours. He’s classy that way.

Ever since he was born, the kid has LOVED to eat. When we started real table food, he was all about anything that we put before him. But now, he has decided to go and get an opinion on us. So basically his tastes are VERY much like his daddy’s. He likes his leftovers cold (yuck) and will gladly say no thank you if you think to warm it up for him. He’s not a huge fan of pasta but will down mac & cheese like its his job. The only thing he gets from me is that he’s a complete pansy when it comes to anything that remotely has any kind of spice. Imagine lots of dramatic gagging that goes on long enough to make sure we get the picture to never ever try that ever again.

He is a HAM. The kid became an extrovert right around his one year birthday and he loves to ham it up. And he also hasn’t met a pretty girl that he doesn’t love or feel the need to flirt with. Youth group is heaven for him because so many cute teenage girls want to hold him. And he’s also an avid waver. He doesn’t care if you’re even looking. Or if you’ve been in the same room as him for 30 minutes and he’s already waved at you 12 times. He is determined to make you feel welcome.

His favorite toys are balls and cars. Hands down. You have to stay on guard around him because his goal in life seems to be to play catch so at any point there may be a ball headed your way. He does LOVE music so he will either turn on one of his music toys so he can jam out while he plays with other toys or just take matters in his own hands and play music on his instrument toys. The kid loves to shake his booty. We joke that sometimes when a song comes on and he’s busy, it’s like he can’t help it but the beat just takes over his body. He’s a little dancing machine.

Every night at dinner, we hold hands while we pray and he has now joined in! It pretty much makes my life. Can’t wait until he starts saying amen. My heart may explode.

His new hang out spot is underneath the coffee table. He’s always thought it was cool to crawl through it, but now he thinks it’s fun to just go under there and chill. Sometimes he takes toys to play with or sometimes he just lays. Who needs to get the kid a fort when he has a coffee table?


Here are some other favorite recent pictures of the little man:
 Sometimes you just need to throw your Mickey Mouse robe on and call it a night.

 We have an awesome library near us with the coolest kid section. There are a TON of different things to play with and they switch them out too! He is a BIG FAN. (Which duh I LOVE that he loves the library.)

 This is him CRACKING UP at JoJo’s birthday dinner. It was in between waving at all of the surrounding tables and dancing like crazy. Just hamming it up like usual.
 The poor kid got a cold a couple of weeks ago and has had a cough that has lingered during the nights ever since. This was after a particularly rough night and his hair was all about letting the world know about it. (Definitely think we are in need of the first haircut. Very. Soon.)

He is pretty much SO FUN right now. We love watching him learn and discover how the world around him works.

Thank you Jesus for choosing us to be this precious little boy’s parents. 


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