Friday Favorites

These past two weeks have been CRAZY. Like something every single night of both weeks CRAZY. As much as we love people, sometimes we just need some good time on our own couch watching our DVR that has been slowly building up. #onedaysoon

I’m linking up today to share some of my Friday Favorites because what better way to give an update of our lives lately!

So BIG NEWS. I got a job!!! When Nick and I met, we were both on staff at different churches so when we got married, I came off staff to join him at his church. It’s always been our prayer that I would be able to one day go back to doing children’s ministry because that’s totally my heart. Well God is FAITHFUL, friends! The ministry assistant for children’s ministry at our church went part-time because of her school schedule so I am now joining her in doing the other half of her job. So not only am I back in children ministry world, but it’s only part time so I am still home with Caleb the other half of the week. Win win! Big favorite around here.

And this cute guy gets to visit me.  So that’s definitely a favorite.

Valentine’s Day was this past weekend which I always LOVE. It’s a holiday that screams pink, chocolate, and flowers which is pretty much the list of all my favorite things. And of course an excuse to have a date with my favorite guy.

 And for us to do that, we are so blessed that Caleb has an amazing grandma that was all for having a Valentine’s date with him. They are pretty much smitten with each other another so that of course helps.

I’m so glad that I now have TWO boys that have my heart.

When we were in Texas, we did a little photo shoot with Caleb and Maddie in their Valentine’s outfits. We did this last year when they were babies and pretty sure they didn’t even really know they were next to each other.

 Well except maybe for this moment…

Well this year was definitely way different because they couldn’t stop hugging each other.

These cousins really are the best of friends and that is a huge favorite of all of ours.

Caleb received a Mickey Mouse and a monkey for Valentine’s Day from two of his grandmas and they are pretty much his favorite friends now.

The other morning when he woke up, he threw them both on the ground and tackled them for a huge good morning hug.  

And that’s all the time I have for now for favorites… Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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