Dreaming of a White Easter?

Growing up, Easter always meant nests of flowers in the yard where the Easter bunny would leave our baskets, matching spring dresses with the sister, huge neighborhood Easter egg hunts in our field, and lots of family time outside. There was never a thought of snow or boots or coats. If anything, there was a thought of sunscreen to avoid possible sunburn.  And hats. There were always hats.

Then we moved to Colorado. 

I will admit that this was the first time since I’ve lived here that the snow has bothered me. I know, I know.. everyone keeps telling me that March is the snowiest month. But I was just so not prepared for that, especially after all the warm weather we had been having. I thought we were moving forward to sandals and shorts. But nope. SNOW EVERYWHERE. 

So obviously that made Easter look a little different this year. I was already bummed that I could not be at my huge family Easter celebration in Texas, so I wanted to try and implement as many of those fun traditions here. So when the snow put a damper on that, I threw myself a bit of a pity party. And then I remembered that we have plenty of people that live here that love us and it would be fun to help Easter look a new way for our family. And that’s just what we did. ๐Ÿ™‚

So on Friday, we were able to celebrate Good Friday as a family. That included a fun day of playing in the snow and Caleb throwing snowball after snowball after snowball after snowball….  

We then attended Good Friday service as a family and only have one single picture of a running Caleb in his outfit.  

On Saturday, we started off the day with a hair cut and donuts for little man. He insisted that he wanted to look fly for Easter.

Although this picture pretty much screams ‘Why are you touching my head while I’m trying to drive my car, you crazy lady?!’

We were then supposed to go visit JoJo and attend her church’s Easter egg hunt but unfortunately the snow cancelled it. But that didn’t hold us back from spending the day with JoJo.  
 And shocker that Caleb had an Easter basket waiting for him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it’s Nick’s basket from when he was a kid. ADORABLE. 


On Sunday, Nick left early to be apart of the parking team at church since we were having 4 services. I ended up having to wake Caleb up at 7 so that way we could make it to the 8:00 service since I was serving in the 2 year olds’ class. We did pause a moment to get a picture. Because THIS.  

 JoJo drove up and attended the 9:45 service with us. A certain little guy was VERY excited to see her and proudly escorted her out of the worship center.  
We then had a little bit of picture shenanigans in the foyer before we told JoJo bye.       
We then hung out to wait for our favorite parking attendant to come inside since the boys hadn’t seen each other yet that morning.    

Caleb was so pumped to see his daddy that he refused to let him put him down to take his jacket off for the picture. So here is real life of our Easter morning. I guess at least the fluorescent parking vest didn’t make it in the pic. Ha!   

We told Nick bye and headed home so the little guy could nap. Which he decided to jump on immediately.  

With our crazy morning, that just meant his Easter basket will probably end up happening in the afternoon from now on. Not that he was complaining.  

That afternoon, our small group came over for an egg hunt and dinner! I was thinking that we were just going to have to hunt eggs in the basement since our backyard was full of snow, but I learned quickly that doesn’t stop anyone here. So an egg hunt in the snow it was! (Granted some of the backyard had melted and it really had turned into a super nice day.)    

   Caleb would have preferred to just pick up one egg and stand there and eat the candy inside rather than continuing to hunt. Which is kind of what he did.  

And here’s a pic of the whole crew (minus baby Reese). Can’t wait to see them grow up together! 


We had a feast of yummy food and dessert! Pinterest would have been proud.  

It was such a great time celebrating with a small group that we love doing life with!  

So our first Colorado Easter as a family (because obviously Nick has had them before) is in the books! And next year I will just make sure that I am mentally prepared for a white Easter. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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