Weekend Recap: Mamoo Edition

Happy Monday all! These dang Monday’s always come too quickly. Especially this one because my mom, sister, & niece came to visit this past weekend and it just flew by TOO fast. I attempted to talk them into staying to live in our basement but for some reason that didn’t work. 

So brace yourselves for a flood of pictures. Because when 1 year old cousins are reunited, we feel the need to document every single second of it. 

On Friday, all 3 of us picked them up from the airport (thanks to the borrowing of our amazing friends’ mini van) and there were hugs all around! 

We stopped off on the way back from the airport in Nick’s hometown and let them run and play at an outside shopping area. They had the best time chasing each other and chatting in their little language. Caleb introduced Maddie to throwing snowballs and the fact that there can indeed be a pile of snow even when we all have shorts on. Because Colorado. 

And then the cutest thing happened. In an attempt to say Maddie Moo, Caleb began to say ‘MaMoo.’ And he said it over and over again ALL weekend. (And is still saying it today.) 

JoJo met us for dinner and there are no pictures of this event because the kids were straight CRAZY. Factor in excitement of so many fun people at once plus getting locked in to a high chair separated from your cousin ensues UNHAPPINESS EVERYWHERE. So dinner was quick and then it was back to letting them run and play. Then we headed to our house for more playing and bath time. 

It’s obvious that they were big fans of this. Caleb showed off all of his bath toys and Maddie attempted to bathe Caleb when he was distracted. I’m pretty sure she thought we had given her a real live doll to play with. Instead of calling him Caleb, she calls him ‘baby.’ She’s got a mama heart already. 🙂

Saturday morning we all pretty much got up at the same time. (The creaky floors are good for that.) We ate breakfast, got ready for the day, and were out of the door by 9 am. Off shopping we went! 

LOTS OF SHOPPING HAPPENED. Nick and the kiddos were absolute troopers. At one point, we did drop Nick & Caleb back off at home so the little guy could get a proper nap and the big guy could get a stinkin’ break from us. (And no Nick, that is NOT a fat joke.) 

After we were all shopped out, we decided to head on out to White Fence Farm. Everyone has kept telling us about what a fun family style restaurant it is, so it seemed like a perfect time to go. And it did NOT disappoint! We got there, put our name on the list, and walked around to say hello to all the animals. 

Can you tell which child LOVED the animals and which child was TERRIFIED?! Nick and I were just so proud of our kid that would not go anywhere remotely near the animals. Obviously we need to frequent the zoo (or at least take him for the first time ever). Maddie however is ready to own her own farm. She would still be chasing ducks if we would have let her. 

It was then time to eat! Think fried chicken and family style sides (including fried corn fritters that would make the state fair proud). For Texas friends, just imagine Babe’s but on an actual farm and with not as sweet of tea. The restaurant is large with different rooms and are absolutely genius in sitting all the kids in one room together. And of course great views of ducks from our window. 

After dinner, the kids were given a token to pick something out of the treasure chest and then we walked around the barn. There was live music so we tried to convince the kiddos to dance. 

We then headed outside so they could play at their playground and explore. 

He could hold Nanan’s hand forever. 

See that sweet yawn? They were pooped! And rightly so. That place wore them smooth out with all of their fun things. White Fence Farm for the win! 

Sunday morning was full of cuddles since we knew the day held our good-byes. 

Because of the timing of when we needed to go to the airport, we decided to let the kiddos take it easy that morning and play before we had to put Maddie on a plane. 

Nanan spoiled them with this awesome ball pit so lots of playing in the basement happened. 

 It was nice to be able to just sit and chat!

We walked down the street to our playground before we headed to the airport. Getting any energy out is definitely necessary before a flight for a one year old! 

We couldn’t let the weekend go without us getting a picture. I love these girls more than life itself. 

Goodbyes then had to happen. 😦

This happened pretty much immediately on the way to the airport. They were straight tuckered out from the busy weekend. 

It was so sad to tell them bye, especially when Caleb cried and then cycled through their names all the way home. I have heard ‘Mamoo’ no less than a million times since they left. 

Little man and I came back home and straight vegged on the couch and I don’t think he moved once. #worldrecord

We love our people so much and so blessed when they get to come visit! It makes my heart so happy to hear Caleb learn and say their names and of course to see him still love his cousin SO much. She is his Mamoo after all. 🙂


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