Friday Faves on Saturday


So instead of going on and on about why it’s been a stinky week, I will instead choose to focus on things I love because it’s…

And in true fashion of how this week has gone, I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to share all of my faves on SATURDAY. Because posting on Friday would have meant something went right this week. 😉


So our week started off getting to spend time with Nick’s sister Juliana. She came in town for their mom’s surgery and so lots of family time got to happen. And Caleb was a BIG fan of Aunt JJ. They’re pretty much besties. 


On Thursday, Caleb and I took a friend’s two little girls to spend the morning at the park & splash pad along with some other girls and kids from MOPS. Little man had the best time just watching the girls do all the things and pretty sure he wishes he was already big enough to do the same stuff.

And them riding in the backseat with him was icing on the cake. 


Friday afternoon our little fam went for frozen yogurt on our favorite lake by our favorite park. Because sunshine was NEEDED.

Then Caleb and I took some silly selfies and his mischevious look got caught on camera. 
Can you tell he’s about to yank off my glasses? Straight stinker. 

Then he decided to cooperate. 


Today this popped up on my newsfeed which I absolutely loved because I sure do love my Nana and I love how TimeHop captured our different life stages. 


I am SUPER excited about a girls morning today. Brunch and an outside antique  market is on the agenda. And what’s funny is that before we moved here, the only thing I knew about this town was this market when we would come visit the past two summers. And now I live around the corner from it. God is funny like that. 

Here’s pics from going last year.. Ahhh, life before he could walk. 

Happy Satirday everyone!! Enjoy the weekend! 

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