Weekend Recap: 4th of July Edition 

Did everyone have such a fantastic 4th of July?! I love that it was connected to a weekend so it was like we were able to celebrate all weekend long! And wear lots and lots of the red white and blue. 

On Friday, Nick got home just in time to rally for us to go to our town’s festival. I’m pretty sure a million people go to this thing, but luckily having a one year old worked in our favor because we are in the business of arriving early & leaving early. We came, we ate, we people watched, we played, we left. (Soapbox moment: Moms of teenage girls, please make sure your daughter wears more clothes than pieces of material that barely cover what a bathing suit does. I saw more teenage girl skin that I ever would like to. It both makes me mad and breaks my heart. Alright, random rant over.) 

Saturday we took a day off from our patriotic festivities, but not from the fun. We spent the morning at the library because we had a rainy day… 

…and then Nick and I ended the day with a date night to celebrate my birthday. Sushi please! 

On Sunday after church, we headed to JoJo’s to celebrate the 4th with her because it’s pretty much her favorite. She’s also amazing because she got us the best cake ever to also celebrate my birthday! 

The little man was excited to ham it up for his favorite JoJo by dancing around in the 4th of July outfit she got him. He thought it was pretty much hilarious that Mickey went everywhere with him that day. 

And it was only right for us to go to the pool..

He’s still not completely sold on the idea of swimming but he is however all about chillin’ on JoJo’s patio..

On Monday (the ACTUAL 4th of July), we started off the day at a parade in the mountains with our small group. 

What’s NOT photographed is this parade was actually an all out water fight. We were straight rookies and were NOT prepared whatsoever. I’m pretty sure the guys are already strategizing how next year will be different. Other randomness was watching a helicopter land and a pancake breakfast at the fire station. 

That afternoon we grilled out and headed to one family’s neighborhood pool party. 

So although our little family of 3 may not have seen a single firework this year, I’m pretty confident we celebrated our country’s freedom to the fullest. Hope everyone else had yourself a fun and festive weekend too! 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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