Friday Favorites with A Serious Twist

So I already had this post ready to go for today, but it just doesn’t feel right to start it off without addressing the absolute devastation that has occurred all week. My heart is broken as should be everyone’s. The amount of hate and prejudice and injustice and violence happening in our country is disgusting. And unfortunately it’s not anything new. As so many are praying for Jesus to quickly return, we need to be praying for Jesus to reign over our country and our hearts. We need to be wise to how He is calling us to not only react to these tragedies, but also how to respond. Because we MUST respond. Whether that means you allow God to work on your own heart about any bitterness or discrimation against absolutely anyone that consume you or that you find ways to be loving and kind that make a difference. If you are at a loss at where to start, maybe this is an organization that is worth your consideration. This quote is from their website..

Let us pray for God to call ALL of us to action. 

And now to regularly scheduled programming (there’s just no good transition here)…

Happy Friday! We made it!!! Still a victory even if it was just a 4 day week. 😉 So I am finally returning to link up with Andrea and Erika for..

Since its been a while, there’s lots of randomness coming at yah…


The whole month of June please. It was absolutely packed to the brim. If you missed what we were up to, I shared about VBS, our visit from friends, and little man’s first youth camp. How we had time to sleep and shower is beyond me. But thankfully we made that happen. 😉


When Jen was here, she gave me this sign for my birthday which I LOVE. Because I’m pretty sure I’m real sad at the end of each cup of coffee I drink so it’s perfect. I also loved absolutely every single thing/card/message I received on my birthday so although turning 31 wasn’t a favorite, my actual birthday was! 


We went on a family hike this week which was so fun! Although there was a sign warning of mountain lions and rattle snakes, I still managed to have a good time. (And then the mountain lion was actually spotted there that day. Just glad we weren’t the ones who spotted it.) Little man loves to ‘adventure’ now so I’m pretty sure he had a great time. He face planted in dirt at one point so he totally looked the part for ‘adventuring.’ He also loves to now give thumbs up and peace signs when he takes pictures. So if you tell him ‘say cheese!’, expect one of those to appear! 


We are so super blessed by an amazing girl that spends a couple of her days with Caleb when we are at work! He absolutely loves his ‘Pee-Ta’ (Payton) and she’s pretty much incredible with him. When God called me back to work, it wouldn’t haven’t been possible without her and how comfortable we feel that she is the one loving on our little man. This week she took him to our town’s little pioneer museum and sent me the absolute cutest pictures. 

(We are also pretty sure she is the one who will break him of his fear with dogs with her sweet puppy. HE PETTED HER DOG THIS WEEK. This is huge people.)


Yesterday morning the little man and I were already on a wagon ridge by 7:30 am. Don’t worry.. Coffee also came along. He absolutely loves riding his wagon and then yesterday he decided that he really loved pulling it too. (I just don’t understand why he keeps getting so big.) So we spent a ton of time on the trail with him pulling the wagon which of course meant we moved at a snail’s pace. I sent Nick a snapchat and it said 1.5 mph so obviously we got really far. Although speed may not have been our friend, lots of silliness was. 


A HUGE favorite coming this Sunday is Nick has the honor to preach in both services. He is second up for our July sermon series so prayers would be so coveted as he teaches on this topic. Because it is so obvious such a time as this. Nick is my absolute favorite person to hear preach (because I’m not biased at all) so I am obviously pretty pumped about this. So Sunday morning if you’re around, you are welcome to join us! And if you’re not, you are definitely welcome to pray for God to speak through him. 

And that is all for the week! As it ended up starting with a serious note, I would like to end with Jesus’ words. 

John 16:33

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

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One thought on “Friday Favorites with A Serious Twist

  1. You and your family are so cute! And the thumbs up, I love it. My daughters has just started doing this at 2.5, so random, we have no idea where she got it from, but it is certainly cute. Stopping by from Momfessionals.


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