The Five Year-Aversary

On May 19th, Nick and I celebrated being married for FIVE YEARS. For people that have been married a lot longer, this may seem like such a minor thing. But to us, this is kind of a big deal. Last year I blogged all about our wedding which is still by far one of my very favorite memories. Getting to be married to Nick Jones is by far one of the greatest joys of my life. Together we have conquered three cities, two states, and the cutest little two year old ever. (Or maybe he’s conquered us.. hard to tell.) 

Nick was a rockstar and coordinated a whole getaway for us to celebrate, including accommodations for Caleb. Insert all of the heart-eyed emojis. However, Colorado had a different idea and it SNOWED. On May 18TH. I’m just not real sure what world I live in where it snows at the end of May. So although our trip to the mountains got rescheduled, we were still able to get away to stay a night in downtown Denver. Huge thanks to our amazing friends for keeping the little guy for a sleepover. We love you Fowlers!! I’m pretty sure he had just as much fun as us, if not more. 😉

Our first stop was a coffee shop in a really cute area. Nick made it clear that he did not fit in with the very hipster environment that was happening around us, but we still had a ton of fun. We laughed about the first time we ever hung out at a coffee shop and he ordered a smoothie. I sure am proud of the progress he’s made. 

This guy makes me laugh on the daily, even if he says that I don’t laugh at his jokes anymore. I think it just challenges him to always be thinking of newer and funnier jokes. 😉

After that we headed to our hotel and even got upgraded for our anniversary. Can’t get mad about that! We had a great view of Coors Field which was of course Nick’s favorite part. 

We looked up a restaurant online that was close to our hotel since we are just so in the know of all things downtown. We did take an Uber so we are trying to remain somewhat hip with the hop. 

The place was fun and low-key which we were all about, especially on such a snowy day. And selfies just because. 

You know it’s your anniversary when the hubs will then let you order room service just because you want dessert. Laying in bed while watching TV and eating {over-priced} dessert is just living the dream, amiright? We are just so fancy. 

The next morning, we got to sleep in as much as our bodies let us now. We then headed to Union Station to get coffee because it’s pretty much my favorite place ever in Denver. 

If you’ll remember, we celebrated our anniversary there last year too. But note that we did NOT need boots and coats. 

We then headed to Snooze, one of our favorite spots to eat brunch. Breakfast pot pie? Yes please. 

We super enjoyed our night away to celebrate 5 years of marriage! And now we have a weekend away in the mountains to look forward to. Win win! 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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