All About Caleb: The Twos

Since I have not updated about Caleb for quite some time, I felt like it was WELL overdue. Especially since most of my readers in Texas only actually read to know what’s going on with the little guy anyway. I haven’t done an All About Caleb update in a YEAR and boy, is he tons different! 

He talks. CONSTANTLY. There are so many words all of the time. We have entered the ‘Why?’ phase in full force as well. He wants to know who everyone is, what everyone is doing, what everything is, how everything works, and WHY. Someone hand me all of the coffee. Or the Advil. But really, we do love his thirst for knowledge. So please just pray that we would foster this need for information and not just feed him snacks so he will quit talking. πŸ˜‰ 

He does have a few funny little things that he says right now that mamas of older kiddos are constantly telling me to impress into my brain so I’ll never forget the cuteness of it all. ‘”Lasterday” is what he says for yesterday, last night, or really any time prior to this very moment. He also calls his forehead his “two-head” which is so cute that it makes it real difficult to correct. The other one that Nick loves is that he calls a hamburger his ‘hang-a-bur’ which really comes out sounding a little like hangover. He also confuses “nothing” with “anything.” So if you ask him what is in his mouth when there’s nothing in there, he will answer “Anything!” The last one that we hear a ton is “mommy’s church” and “daddy’s church.” Our church has a main building (which is the building I work in) and then the student ministry building (obviously where Nick works). Hence his names of the buildings which really do make a lot of sense. 

This kid loves all things boy. Give him all of the rocket ships, astronauts, trains, dinosaurs, airplanes, cars, and balls. His imagination has kicked in big time and I love hearing him actually play with his toys by pretending. Lots of things get blasted off into space. πŸ™‚

He loves the IDEA of painting. Definitely thinks it’s super fun, but he does NOT enjoy the messyness of it all. One piece of paint on his hand could send him in a tailspin. All of my always needing everything to be neat and tidy may be screaming at me from my 2 year old boy that doesn’t like to be a mess. Whoops. 

Our sweet boy loves deeply. He is always very concerned about all of his very favorite people. He wants to know how they are doing, if he can see them, why they are happy, why they are sad, etc etc etc. He loves spending time with the people he loves and is always sad for it to end. It’s very common to hear him exclaim, “We’re best friends!!” He also may assure you while hanging out, “I having so much fun.” And it doesn’t take much to convince this guy to give some kisses and hugs! 

It helps that he’s got a pretty great relationship with our children’s ministry director too. Especially when he decided to ask, “What Easter all about?” To which I sent him right in to ask Mrs. Lauri and she stopped everything and sat right down and told him. πŸ™‚

A quirky thing about him (that his daddy started) is naming all of his shoes. Church shoes, fancy shoes (that are NOT fancy at all), Robin Hood shoes, hipster boots, snow boots, running shoes, house shoes, on and so forth. Yes, some make sense but some were clearly named by his father. 

The kid has a sense of humor and loves to laugh. “I’m cracking up!!” is a pretty common statement. 

His favorite things to eat is ANYTHING SWEET. This boy has picked up my sweet tooth in a fierce way. He can hear you open a candy wrapper a mile away. 

He does love to sit comfy on the couch and watch a show. His favorites right now are Umi Zoomi and Peppa Pig. Lord, help us. 

He absolutely loves learning. (Have I mentioned that he is constantly asking questions, specifically ones that begin with why?) He can name all of his colors, letters, shapes, and numbers 0-10. The kid surprises me on the daily with things that he knows. I would like to take credit, but I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with it. He just wants to know anything and everything. 

The poor kid is still not quite sure about animals. He will talk to you about them all day long, but put him in the same room as a dog and he turns into a nervous wreck. We are working on it. πŸ˜‰

Dancing and singing is totally his jam. He can’t not shake his booty if a song is on. 

I really am so thankful that I get to be this kiddo’s mommy. He loves to snuggle with me and always tells me I’m beautiful (which I’m pretty sure he picked up from his daddy). I absolutely can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for Caleb. 

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