Texas Days: Part Two

So here I am again, ready to finish my recap of my long Texas trip from a couple weeks ago! Since the trip was divided into two parts, it only made sense to divide the recap the same way. Part One was all about spending the sister’s birthday in Round Top, TX! If you’ve never been, just go ahead and read that post now to inspire you to book your own trip there. 😉

When we got back from Round Top, it was all about hanging out with the kiddos again! 

I also got to meet one of my best friend’s babies for the first time. One of the hardest things about living far away is missing big moments in people’s lives so I sure loved getting to hold sweet baby Peter. And eating dessert with some of my very best friends is the icing on the cake. 

We got to visit my dad and stepmom and take the kiddos to Space Center for the very first time! They were ALL ABOUT some astronauts and rocket ships. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t mind all of the attention from G-Daddy and Mimi either. 🙂

And then it was time for the main reason of the whole trip!!! My mom’s wedding! Or if you asked the kids.. Nanan and Stevie’s wedding! Family started arriving on Thursday so Friday was a fun-filled day starting off with pedicures and manicures for the ladies.. 

And then the whole crew had Mexican food for lunch, because we were in Texas after all. 

Even our littlest princess got her toes and nails painted while a very concerned cousin watched…

The next day (the day of the wedding!!!), all of the ladies headed to the salon to get all dolled up thanks to Amy and Suzy. 

I’m pretty sure I have decided that I want Amy and Suzy to live life with me on the daily to always do my hair & make-up.. surely a SAHM has a reason for a glam squad?! Any ideas on how to pitch that idea to Nick are welcomed. 

Then it was game time! Everybody was dressed and ready to get Nanan and Stevey down that aisle (or hallway as Caleb called it). All of the decorations were ready and looking all adorable…

One little person wasn’t super thrilled about all of the waiting around, especially in the middle of dinner time..

But with a little food, he was able to rally and practice carrying his sign. (According to him, his sign said ‘Nananan, here I come!’)

Show time!!!

Now presenting Mr. & Mrs. Dawson!!

Caleb and Maddie’s first wedding was a success! It sure did help that she’s a girl that knows how to take charge and he’s a guy that would follow her anywhere. 

Our entire family is beyond excited for the bride and groom and for them to start this new chapter! 

The two little ones then danced the night away. To say this was their favorite part is beyond an understatement. I’m pretty sure they would still be there dancing now if we would have let them. Caleb even personally requested ‘Wheels on the Bus’ from the DJ and showed off the movements to the whole crowd. Unfortunately the only documentation I have of this hilarious event are videos and not any actual pictures of him. 


The newlyweds had their first dance! Then it was time to dance with their mamas. Steve and his mom’s dance was beautiful and then my mom danced with my nana, which was pretty much the sweetest.

We all had a ton of fun celebrating the Dawson’s and our little family of 3 were so glad to be apart of the huge day. I think if you asked Caleb to rank the day, he would say dancing was beyond his favorite and his outfit he could have done without. But all in all, safe to say he loved his first endeavor as a ring bearer. 😉

Mom & Steve, we love you so much!! Congratulations!!! 

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