Texas Days: Part One

Mic check. Is this thing on? 

So I haven’t blogged in a sweet forever and some of that is for a very good reason. I recently spent close to two weeks in Texas at the end of last month/beginning of this month. Two huge life events were on the agenda: my sister’s birthday and my mom’s wedding. So since my trip was kind of divided into two different parts, I thought it only made sense to recap it into two different posts. Because I don’t wanna rush over all the details, amiright?? So we will start with part 1.. the sissy’s birthday! 

The little guy and I flew out on a Wednesday and I’ve gotta say, this was BY FAR the easiest flight we’ve had just the two of us. Him getting older definitely has its perks! He can jump in and out of his stroller, he can WALK, he can do the things I ask him to do, he can stay entertained longer with activities.. it is a GAME CHANGER. I actually read my book, y’all. Like what?! We arrived in Texas to be greeted by my mom where she took us to stay at her brand new beautiful house with her hubby-to-be! My sister and her 2 kiddos drove into town that day as well to stay at my mom’s too so it soon became a party! 

So the plan for the weekend was that next morning me, my sister, her best friend, & my best friend would head to Round Top, TX! Caleb stayed with my mom and Ash dropped her littles off with her in-laws and off on our girls trip we went! 

Yes, we had matching coozies. And shirts. We were serious. #fortheloveofjunk

How to explain Round Top?? It is a tiny, tiny town in Texas that twice a year turns into one of the most ginormous antique fairs. But more than that, it’s an experience. Something about being out in the country with some of your very best girls, walking in your cowboy boots through a bunch of junk that could be cute in your house (with a little bit of help) is just FUN. And it’s something I love even more now that I don’t live in Texas. Except for the fact that none of that junk can fit in my carry-on. 

The day we went was my sister’s actual birthday and it was perfect being able to spend it with her in one of her most favorite places on earth. 

The two queens of Round Top are the Junk Gypsy sisters who pretty much rock at finding junk and repurposing it into something awesome. They now have their very own store in Round Top which is absolutely adorable and I’m pretty sure I could sit out on their lawn all day. It was super fun that we were able to get a picture with them and tell them that we were going to prom that night. (Oh yeah, more on that later.) But first, we had dinner reservations at Royer’s Cafe which is pretty much the best southern comfort food EVER. With a whole lot of character. 😉

We ate WAY TOO MUCH but still had room for their famous pie. Especially when we needed to celebrate this one’s birthday. 

After dinner, we went back to our room where it was all decorated for the birthday girl. And there were for sure some cookies. #mamatried

That night was the MAIN EVENT! It was time for Junk-O-Rama Prom put on by the Junk Gypsy sisters! It’s pretty much anything goes and hands down the best people watching I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely perfect that it landed on Ashley’s birthday because what better way to celebrate than with a pink tutu and a birthday crown?! 

And here’s just a little taste of how just anything goes it is…

Let’s just have it be said that for some reason when men hear that it’s all about dressing crazy, apparently their go-to is to dress like a woman. At least the Indian was a little bit original. Anyway it goes, it was a hilarious and fun night for sure! 

The next day we started out early and it was a day full of shopping!!! 

A break for sweet tea slushes? Yes please. 

And of course we had to end the day at the Junk Gypsy headquarters. 

They had the most adorable coffee stand in the front yard and you know I had to get me some iced coffee. 

The next day we hit up some shops in Brenham on our way home. And can you really go to Brenham without paying tribute to the best ice cream in all the land?! (A big HALLELUJAH to Blue Bell finally being back in Colorado!) Sad day that they were closed but that still didn’t stop us from our very own photo shoot. 

This girls trip was beyond a blast and it couldn’t have happened without some amazing grandparents! Our little people were WELL taken care of while these mamas got to go out and have some fun. Needless to say, part one of my trip to Texas was a success! 

Until next time, Round Top! 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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