The Annual July Texas Trip Extravaganza: The DFW Edition

Welcome back for round two! If you missed the first part about our trip in Houston, you can check that out here. Or you can ignore that altogether and just read all about the part of our trip in Dallas/Fort Worth. But first let me just say that last year when we did this trip, I tried my best to see as many people as possible that we miss immensely. This year none of that was really able to happen due to a stomach bug, a crazy acting little guy, and a super exhausted mama. As much as we would have loved to spend that time with everyone, sometimes plans just don’t work out. 😦 But there’s always next time, right?? 

So on Monday morning, we packed up all of our things and 3 children. This of course only took about 4.2 million hours because it takes about a bajillion things to travel with 2 toddlers and a baby. But then we were ready to go! We had already planned to stop in Huntsville which is where my sister and I both went to college because we promised the littles that we would let them visit the big statue. They were PUMPED to go see the big Sam Houston. Or Uncle Sam as Caleb called him. 

They thought the face statue was so silly and loved looking up his nose. They are obviously very mature 2 year olds. We made this stop last year and Y’ALL. Look at the difference in these kiddos. 

Seeing the actual statue blew their minds…

We took our now annual picture in front of the statue. And let me just say that it was the epitome of herding cats. And we love the new addition to our picture. 🙂

There’s a cute little visitor center house that has a lot of cute games so we let the kids run some energy out. Thankful it was overcast so we got a bit of reprieve from the feeling of being on the surface of the sun.

This year we decided to actually go visit our college campus. We picked up some lunch and took it to campus for a picnic. And let me just say, college students thought it was just totally normal for three children and two moms to be hanging around. Especially when I ran through the student center with the two bigger kids because someone was exclaiming that she had to go to the big girl potty. #allthelooks

Then it was back on the road! By the time we arrived to their house, we were all DONE. Tears may or may not have been involved… and not just by the children. 

The next day, Ashley and I both did not feel super great. She was able to rally a little better than me but I was pretty out for the count most of the day. Thankful for my sister, bro-in-law, and of course Maddie that kept my little guy entertained while I felt like death. I’m sure baby Dylan did his part too. 

The next day we were all back to normal and headed to the place where you take children when it’s 100,000 degrees outside. Story time of course! 

That evening, we did the next reasonable thing to do. Swim!!

The next evening, I had the opportunity to have another girls night. We kept it low key by just hanging out at one of our houses. But my bestie is pretty much the queen of hostessing so it didn’t look the least bit low key and instead all kinds of adorable.

I also got some girl time with this little one before the big girls showed up. 

Just sitting on the couch and talking with these friends was so needed. They have always spoke so much wisdom in my life and people that I know pray fervently for me. I am beyond grateful for their friendships. (And beyond sad to miss seeing one of them!)

While I was hanging with them, Caleb was having the time of life with Maddie Moo in a splash pad. #squadgoalz

The next day we did a bit of shopping to get Maddie ready for school. The whole crew in a cart together was quite the experience. 

We then did lots of playing and pushing around baby Dylan. 

That evening, Uncle Chris became a hero by taking us all out for ice cream at a cool nitrogen sub-zero ice cream shop. I’m not even going to pretend to really know what that means but there was smoke and the kids loved it. 

The next day G-Daddy and Mimi came up for a visit as one of their many stops on their road trip! Let’s just say, that gave the kids all the feels. 

The rest of the evening more of our family came over for a shrimp boil. It’s rare for us to all be together, but we sure love it when we are. We know that it would make Meemaw and Grandad very happy. 🙂

Then Sunday was our last day! Uncle Chris started it off with a fun farewell drive around the backyard. In their pajamas because we like to keep it classy. 

It was off to the airport and there’s no pictures of the tearful good-bye because seeing two 2 years old cry about being separated will just about break your heart.

After he calmed down, we managed to have a fine time in the airport while we waited to go home. It is his second home after all.  

Although we were so sad that Daddy wasn’t home yet, we made the best of the next two days until he arrived! And kept up with him thanks to technology. 

He came home and then our lives were complete. 🙂 Don’t mind us while we are out having fun being all together again! 

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