The Annual July Texas Trip Extravaganza: The Houston Edition

Newsflash: Texas is HOT in July. Like the surface of the sun hot. And I’m pretty sure that I am the only one in the world that plans an annual trip there IN JULY. You may think it’s because I’m insane (and maybe I am a bit) but it’s actually because that’s when Nick goes to Poland for a million days. So I pack up our toddler and off we go to Texas. (Side note: What age are you not a toddler anymore because I feel like we are at that point? Tears.) 

First we had to say goodbye to this cutie…

Then we were on our way (2 days later!)…

Our first stop, Houston! The reunion between the cousins was too adorable for words. These two are 5 weeks apart and distance hasn’t done anything to their sweet bond. 


We then headed to Nanan’s house and reunited with her (& baby Dylan)! I am thankful to have a mom that supports Nick’s annual trip by flying us to Texas. That may seem silly, but receiving that help and distraction can go a long way while he’s out of the country. You rock Mom! 

We decided to go out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant that I miss and sit out on their fun patio! When I suggested this, I forgot patio weather in Texas is over by mid-June. But we sweated through it and made it work. 

It helped to end the night at the splash pad. You better believe us adults thought real hard about jumping in too! (And yes that is my son looking real classy running around in a swim diaper. We had his bathing suit but the heart wants what it wants.)

The next day we headed down south to see different people! We drove through our hometown which we haven’t done in YEARS. Last year when we came to Texas for this trip, there was just 2 kiddos in the backseat and now baby Dylan gets to sit smack dab in the middle! I think the big kids don’t mind one bit…

We headed to Galveston to take the kids on a ferry ride! We grew up riding the ferry with our grandparents and we figured what a fun way to ride a boat for FREE! Mimi and G-Daddy met us there for the festivities. 

Dinner was next at one of our faves, The Spot! Seafood right on the ocean? Yes please. 

We were all pretty hot and exhausted after the day so we said goodbyes and headed back north. 

On Friday, Caleb and I got to hang with Nanan! We had lunch with the Nana (where we failed to take a picture), went shopping and had an amazing home-cooked dinner. My bestie Katie came over to join us which made Caleb VERY happy. He even asked her to do night-night time because he’s got game. 😉

The next day was more shopping (my mom’s love language!) and then during nap time, her and I got to steal away for mani-pedi time. For the year and a half I lived near my sister and mom, we got to do this all the time. It’s DEFINITELY missed big time. 🙂 We were pretty busy enjoying all of the things to take any pictures. 

That evening, Nanan and Stevey had a night with Caleb to allow me to go see some of my favorite girls. We laughed a LOT which was so good for my heart. Friendships have been one of my biggest struggles since moving to Colorado so I always feel so grateful when I am with girls that have known me and loved me for years. 

The next morning, I took my little man over to my friend Jen’s so that way he could play with her girls. And of course anything for more girl time. We looked over at one point and these two were holding hands…

Y’ALL. Quinn moved her lunch and chair all on her own so she could sit near Caleb. Insert all the heart eyes here. Needless to say, he had himself a great morning. And duh, I did too. 

That afternoon, my sister and her kiddos came back after a weekend trip to Louisiana so the cousins were reunited once again. And all was what right in their worlds. 

Nanan and Stevey busted out the sprinkler and made their days even better. 

The only way they had the guts to run right through the water was by holding hands. Power in numbers and all. After playing outside, it was time for jammies and chill. 

It was also time to say our good-byes to Nanan since she would be gone at work the next morning when we would be waking up to head to Dallas. 

It was sad to see this part of our trip end because we had so much fun! There is never enough time to do all of the things and see all of the people. And definitely more difficult with no car and a 2 year old’s schedule. So until next time, Houston! 

At this point, we were getting to FaceTime with Nick a good bit! Half the time it looked like this because it was night time there (which throughly confused the little man), but we loved hearing his voice anyway. 

So off to Dallas we went! We still had a week left of our trip so be sure to keep a look out for that recap next. Unless you’re just not into an obnoxious amount of pictures of my family which if that’s the case, feel free to avoid my next post. Because let’s be real, more of that will be coming… 

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