A Road Trip & Reunion: Oh My!

Welcome back to my little piece of the internet. I am indeed still alive. It’s just been a crazy couple of months, but I’m glad to be back. Especially for the holidays! Since I’ve been here last, we have done MANY things. I think I need to accept that I should quit saying ‘it’s a busy month’ because they are all busy months and that’s just our life. 🙂 I’m sure I will update on some of those things soon because my child did turn 3 after all. Probably going to want to document that.

But first, we will start with our road trip to Texas! I know, I know… it seems like we go to Texas every other month these days. And in 2017, that very well may have been the case. It seemed to be the year of weddings which we just can’t miss those.. especially when the little guy is the cutest sign holder in all the land. However, this trip was for Thanksgiving and we decided to drive! In the words of Caleb, ‘ If we took a plane, we would be there more fast.’ Thank you 3 year old for pointing that out. We knew we would be there long enough to make the drive worth it so we split it up into two days and the little guy actually handled it like a champ! (Nick and I did too just in case you were wondering.)

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving, we waited to head out until after Caleb’s Thanksgiving Feast at preschool. They sang 3 songs and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. He loves his teachers and his friends so it was fun to watch him in his element.

Then it was Texas, here we come! First stop, New Mexico!

We finally arrived in Amarillo where we stayed the night! A quick trip to dinner at Torchy’s..

And then on to the hotel! (My stepdad is a rockstar and set us up for the hotels on the way there & home so major thanks to him!!) Caleb was OBSESSED with the hotel room, especially the lamps. Apparently he can’t reach any lamps at home to turn on and off so he went to town doing that there. And now I’ll be sure he can continue to never reach lamps at home.

The next morning, we started off the day with Texas shaped waffles! It’s pretty much a rite of passage for every Texas hotel that offers free breakfast to serve these. And this little guy ate the entire thing. #whenintexas

We made the rest of the trip and were SO glad to make it to Houston! The next day was going to be a big day because we were headed to my college to do a reunion with my sorority. This is the first reunion we’ve had since I graduated so it was so fun to catch up with people I haven’t seen in years! A trip down memory lane is always a good time. 🙂 We tailgated at the Homecoming game which was quite the adventure since my best friend & I coordinated the whole thing. (Really she did it and I was just her moral support. #gojen)

This girl sure knows how to put together an event. I was more than happy to be her partner in crime.

I was an officer my senior year and it was so fun to catch up with my officer crew! We are pretty sure we were the best officer core to date and obviously the most humble too.

Needless to say, we realized quickly that I’m pretty sure all we used to do at our events was take pictures. Glad to see we kept the tradition alive.

We then headed into the football game which I can confidently say 85% of us could have cared less about. Just more time to talk! My sister and bro-in-law went to the same college too and they were also at the game.

I am so thankful for friendships from college that I can still call my very best friends. These girls have walked through a lot with me and I sure am grateful.

It was such a fun day full of laughter and memories! It’s safe to say we are clearly not in college anymore but I think age has done us all well.

I’ll be sure to recap the rest of our trip later because we were still in Texas for one more week! I promise we did more things with our child after that. 😉 But don’t worry about him, he was doing just fine getting his grandma time in…

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