A Texas Thanksgiving

Who else is SO READY for Christmas?? As soon as we got home from our trip, we unpacked our bags, cleaned the house, and put up Christmas decorations. Alright, not immediately.. but it all did happen within 24 hours of being at home. 🙂 #sorrynick

We already recapped the beginning of our trip, but I can’t leave out all of the rest of the fun. We seem to pack so much in and take a million and one pictures that it just becomes a lot. So sorry in advance. I promise I’ll go quick.

On Sunday, our Aunt Jan and Okie Dokie came to visit. This is my mom’s best friend since 5th grade which totally gets me excited thinking about going to visit my friends years from now and their kiddos. (And yes, we call him Okie Dokie. It was Uncle Tony but we were kids that couldn’t say it and now it’s just a thing. Which we love.)

On Monday, we drove down south and spent the day with MiMi and G-Daddy. The kids had a blast baking cookies with MiMi and playing with G-Daddy. It reminded me of the days we would spend at my Meemaw & Grandad’s house growing up.

That evening, we went to a Christmas lights display and basically had it all to ourselves. Which basically gave Caleb the feeling that he could run as fast as he wanted so you could hear me shouting lots of ‘Caleb! Stop!’ So that was fun.

On Tuesday, Nick and I went to a different part of Houston to meet up with a team from our church that was helping rebuild a church after the hurricane. It was so neat to see some of my people from Colorado loving on people in my home state. It was a lot of hard work and they rocked it!

On Wednesday, we spent a good part of the day having scooter races. It was Maddie’s turn to shout ‘Caleb! Wait!’

We also ran over to see Nick’s uncle! He had spent time with his uncle and aunt earlier in the week, but Caleb and I still wanted a chance to say hi. Can you tell these 3 Jones boys are related?

And then a night of Mexican food. Nick and I realized that we had a pattern while we were there of Mexican food, BBQ, Mexican food, BBQ, Mexican food, BBQ, etc. It is the Texas diet after all.

Then it was time for Thanksgiving! Which equaled lots of people, lots of food, and lots of fun. I sure am thankful for all of these people.

Then on Friday, it was time to head home! Caleb wanted it to be made known that it was his favorite to ride on the luggage cart at the hotel. And his special 3 year old bed (AKA a sofa bed). #thelittlethings

It is always great to spend time with family. I made sure to let them all know that Colorado is also always open to visitors. 😉

On to Christmas now!!

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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