Friday Favorites: All About March

Happy Friday, y’all! Even more than that, it’s Good Friday. As strange as it sounds, I love this day that demands our attention to the death of Christ in order to understand the significance of Easter Sunday. Jesus died on that cross for us, but three days later, He rose from the grave and gave hope to us all! Hallelujah!!!

So speaking of things I love, I am bringing you a post of all of my favorites lately from the month of March. Because as crazy as it is, we are entering April, friends!

First up on the list is just how big Caleb has been getting! It’s so fun to see how much more he’s able to do on his own now. He is indeed a big kid! And he LOVES preschool so much. Every morning he asks, ‘Is this a preschool day?? Please, please, please!!!’ So hands down, that’s a fave for him, for sure.

My second favorite is that my sister came to Colorado at the beginning of the month! Her job brought her to Vail so of course I wasn’t going to let her be that close without going to see her! I grabbed my friend Heidi for a road trip and headed up for a sleepover in the mountains. It was full of her fun work event, ice skating, and getting to sleep in and lay around. My kind of sleepover! (Also I’d like to note that I have not ice skated since elementary school and I pretty much rocked it. Boom.)

The drive home was definitely not a favorite. It was my first time to drive down a mountain pass while it was snowing and turning into not the greatest conditions. There was a trailer in front of us totally out of control, but thankfully I had Heidi to talk me off the ledge. This Texas girl still has some snowy mountain driving to get used to.

Getting mail has got to be one of my love languages. ESPECIALLY if it’s a package. So maybe I should say that gifts are my love language. Because the other day, my mom randomly sent me a new hat. And guess what? I felt loved.

Isn’t it cute? And I definitely include myself in that ‘y’all.’ 😉

If you’re from Colorado, chances are you have found yourself at Casa Bonita at least once. It’s kind of a rite of passage even if the food is absolutely terrible. Welp, I’ve only lived here 2.5 years and I’ve now been 3 times. Yup, that’s too much. But it’s become an annual thing for the student ministry and Caleb thinks it’s awesome, so I self-sacrifice and go. (I’m still waiting for my trophy.) So it’s absolutely not a favorite for me, but it is for the kiddo. Think cliff divers, arcade, caves, puppets, basically all kinds of randomness and you’ve got yourself Casa Bonita.

This guy begged to ride this car all night long and when he finally did, he begged for me to take the coin out so it would stop going. The poor kid is NOT a dare devil.

On St Patrick’s Day, we celebrated with a dance party with a bunch of friends. If you know Caleb at all, you know he LOVES to dance. So it was pretty much the best night of his life.

We were laughing because the kid has got game. One of the little girls was being held by her mom and he went right up and asked her to dance. We of course may not think that’s as cute when he gets to high school. 😉

So about the cutest thing ever happened in March and that was Caleb’s preschool Spring Program. The classes had been practicing all of their songs and they were beyond adorable. He was not happy to dress ‘fancy’ but he would do pretty much anything to make Ms. Paulette happy.

He has sang all the songs for me previously but his main focus up on the stage was the motions. He concentrated so hard to do them while watching his teachers that he pretty much forgot about the whole singing part. Every once in a while, he remembered and belted it out. Either way, it was absolutely adorable!

Him and his bestie hammed it up after the program. Since both of their daddy’s had to stay at church to work, we took them out for fro-yo. And that’s when the craziness REALLY ensued.

The sugar high came on quick and crazy so we ended up corralling them to the car. Apparently fame + sugar makes 3 year olds do crazy things!

On Palm Sunday, Nick got to preach which was a huge favorite for all of us. It was such a gorgeous day after church, we had an impromptu photo shoot. Which I’m sure the boys just LOVED.

Easter is coming which has us all excited! Since it was spring break this week, a friend had an Easter party for the kiddos. They colored, hunted eggs, made resurrection rolls, and played together. Fun morning for all!

So I know I’ve mentioned Ms. Lauri here lots of times because she really is an amazing blessing to our family. Well it’s been her desire for the past few weeks to buy Caleb and Hava light-up shoes. And who were we to stand in her way of happiness? So off to Walmart we went for them to choose. And let’s just say, the joy on all three of their faces were totally a favorite!

We decided to have a family fun day since it was Caleb’s spring break and we didn’t want that to mean he just had to sit at the church office all week while we worked. So we took the day off and planned some fun things. As not fun as it sounds, we started the day with Caleb’s first ever dentist appointment. He did great and actually may have had a little fun!

Next we tried out Denver Biscuit Co for the first time and oh boy, did it live up to the hype! Nick got a biscuit sandwich that was beyond huge (not pictured), Caleb got a biscuit completely saturated in strawberry sauce and whipped cream, and I got shrimp and grits in a biscuit bowl. We completely covered the spectrum and all were DELISH. We will for sure be back.

Next on the agenda was a trip to Board Game Republic! This place has a million games and also serves food & drinks. We sat for two hours and played all the games Caleb wanted. Pretty sure it was the little guy’s heaven. And if you love board games, it would definitely be yours too. The place was really cool! All that to say, our whole fam would say that it was a super fun day!!!

And that was our March, friends!!! (That was quite the lengthy recap so it may just be my mom still reading.) We will be attending our church’s Good Friday service tonight and Easter service on Sunday morning. If you don’t have plans to attend one, I highly encourage you to find a church in your area and show up! This is a great weekend to find out all that God did for us through His Son. You do NOT want to miss it!

Happy Easter everyone! Praise God for the cross!

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