A Little Life Lately

Welp, life is a bit busy again! Having six months ‘off’ from all the things sure does make it a shock to the system to return to routine. It’s so interesting how hard it was to adjust to having NOTHING on the calendar when the world shut down in March. We grieved all the things that were cancelled, but somewhere along the way, we adjusted to our new normal. And now here we are… adding things back to our calendar with obligations requiring our attendance… and it all feels a bit bittersweet. Things may not look exactly how they used to but we are making the best of it!

We officially have a football player! And his team is even the Broncos! He’s now played t-ball, soccer, basketball.. and now he’s giving football a shot. If you ask him his favorite, he would absolutely choose all of them. It helps that he’s played with his best buddy on every single team.

NFL is also back!!! Can you hear the excitement from all the Jones boys?! Luke’s brainwashing seems to be going well and has joined in the festivities. We just won’t talk about all the Broncos players that are injured (this is me warning you to not bring that up to a certain husband of mine).

We have been loving outdoor services at church! It’s so great to gather together again as a church family. It may not be what we are used to, but I do love it after months of only online!

My mom & stepdad came into town for another weekend and we had a quick little getaway to Breck again! Perfect timing with all the changing of the colors. Fall in Colorado is THE. BEST.

A certain somebody loves ANYTHING of his older brother’s. He has now discovered Caleb’s house shoes and absolutely cracks up as he walks around in them.

Walking Caleb to school has been such a blessing! The fact that we basically just walk around the corner to his school is so fun. We also drive by his school anytime we leave our house so I’ve totally seen him outside playing! That makes this mama heart happy since he’s in a brand new school.

Nick preached this weekend which led to a funny moment where these two boys totally matched for the filming. They were clearly feeling all the fall vibes.

With daddy back at work multiple evenings a week, we are making the best of it with these boys kicking me out of the chair while we do bedtime. It helps that they’re cute.

Picture Day already happened for this handsome boy!

Now we are gearing up for this kid to turn 6 this week!

And there it is, a little life lately for our fam!

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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