Caleb is SIX!

Just like that, our first baby went and turned 6! Who does he think he is getting so old that he has to use BOTH hands to show his age?! This kid has had such a huge year. He started kindergarten, he’s handled a pandemic like a champ, and he chose to follow Christ! We are SO proud of him and thankful that God chose us to be his parents.

If you know me, you know we love to celebrate us some birthdays! And I’ve raised Caleb the right way in expecting the same thing. (But don’t worry – he loves to celebrate anyone else’s birthday just as big!) Ever since Caleb turned one, we always start with balloons in the bed as he wakes up. It is always a fun way to start the day!

Now we have a little helper to assist us with the celebration!

We decided to let him open gifts from us before school to add some excitement. The pizza was from us and the ROAR dinosaur was from the little bro.

Safe to say he was pumped! He was a little confused on why he was required to go to school on his birthday. His teacher has the same birthday as him so that made it a little more fun! And sure enough, he got celebrated big at school too!

It made it even more fun that Mimi & G-Daddy were in town for his birthday! He was excited that they got to pick him up from school too. (And check out that crown – he was obviously the birthday king for the day!)

JoJo came over after school so the rest of the day consisted of presents from grandparents and a special dinner at a restaurant of his choosing. Old Chicago was the pick! The kid loves him some pizza but he went and ordered the largest mac & cheese he could find. He’s no fool – he knows we don’t ever let him order mac & cheese as an entree so he took full advantage of pulling the birthday card!

He was sad for the day to end but he was looking forward to Saturday – Birthday Party Day!! He invited some best buddies to come play with him at a playground & celebrate Pokémon style! (The kid loves a theme – Pokémon is his backpack, his birthday, & spoiler alert – his Halloween costume!)

It was a fun time of just letting the kids play at the park! Nick kept me from planning out activities & games the entire time and instead just let kids be kids. Apparently all they really do need is a playground.

Well I guess I should say all they need is a playground… and cake and presents!!

This kid felt super loved and had a blast! Times are weird so it was nice to have a normal, low-key birthday party for him.

Although we didn’t remember at the park, we were able to get some family pics when we got home!

It sure does feel just like yesterday when we were celebrating his first birthday in Texas (right before we moved!).

We sure have come a long way! Now we have a sweet, caring, routine-loving, chatty, silly, extroverted, Pokémon-crazy 6 year old. Sometimes being a mom can drive me all the way up the wall or straight off a cliff, but this little boy can say the most thoughtful things that brings me straight back and makes it all worth it. During his prayer the night of his birthday, he thanked God for such an amazing birthday and prayed that his little brother would have an awesome birthday in two months. So all that to say, it really is such a gift to be his mom and he is definitely worth celebrating!

Here’s to six years of Caleb & to MANY, MANY more!

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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