It’s Momfessional Time

So let’s have a little confession time as mamas. If we are being real, there are some things we may do to just straight survive the day with our littles. Like shoving your mouth full of candy before the toddler rounds the corner and busts you… and then wants some but you tell him we don’t eat candy right now. (Completely hypothetical.) Or move up bedtime because they can’t tell time and well, you’re exhausted and need to be able to watch Netflix on the couch. (I’ve just heard people do this.) But seriously though, we all have our ‘Momfessionals.’ And a little confession time is always good for the soul. So today I’m linking up with the queen of Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday’s to get my own Momfessional on.

1. I tiptoe around the house when Caleb is sleeping. And I very well may ask you to too. When we moved to Colorado, we moved into a rent house that’s definitely an older home complete with floors that squeak like no other. They are LOUD. I’ve tried to instill in my brain where the different squeaks occur in the hallway so I can attempt to walk a different path (especially in the mornings when I wake up earlier than little man). I know this sounds ridiculous and people are always all about just living their lives normally and the babies just have to deal. While I completely applaud you, I will just be over here tiptoeing around my squeaky house so I can enjoy those extra few minutes of him sleeping. #neverwakeasleepingbaby

2. I also completely avoid the bedroom side of the house during his naps. As you can see, I am a bit crazy when it comes to him sleeping. The squeaks are LOUD and the bedrooms (and main bathroom) are all very close to one another. Has there been an hour when I needed to go to the restroom but held it because he was napping? Absolutely. Does Nick now ask me permission about going to that side of the house while Caleb is sleeping? Yup, he knows I’m crazy. And I may or may not have told him that now is NOT the best time to go. He knew I was a little quirky when we got married, right?

3. I pretty much eat all of his animal crackers and graham crackers. I really don’t know who I buy those for anymore. I’ve thought about no longer buying them so I’ll quit eating them.. and then remember they are actually for the child. So the cycle continues. :/

4. He has eaten snacks in his car seat.. that are probably from yesterday. If the boy spots a goldfish, it immediately goes in his mouth. He doesn’t care about that fish’s past. And in the moment of buckling him into his seat, I don’t either.

5. We may have accidentally taught him that clapping means please. So when Caleb was old enough to eat solid food, we tried to incorporate sign language into his life so he could tell us ‘more’ and ‘all done.’ WELL. Sometime in the learning process, we kept (unintentionally) switching the words ‘more’ and ‘please’. I came home one day and Nick was SO excited that Caleb had finally done it! But when he showed me, he actually clapped instead of doing the ‘more’ sign. So somehow clapping kept turning into ‘please’ and I just finally gave up. It was just not a battle worth fighting and I knew what he was saying so it worked for us. Communication is communication, right? And now you’ll be happy to know, he actually says the word please so it looks like we didn’t screw him up after all. 🙂

So there you have it.. Some confessions of mine that will hopefully not land the little man in therapy one day! Do you have any ‘Momfessionals’?! Let’s hear them so I know I’m not doing this crazy thing called mommyhood alone. 🙂



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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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