Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday!!!

Our little fam has a busy weekend ahead of us with a big student ministry event all day tomorrow. Our little man got to spend his morning at The Shed (the student ministry building) while we did some last minute preparations and that would definitely go on his list as a FAVORITE. We are talking a gym, stairs, Daddy’s office.. it’s pretty much his heaven. The only time he loves The Shed more is when it’s full of students that want to play with him. #spoiled

So since today is Friday and it’s a favorite in itself, I thought I would share some favorites of the week!

It’s no secret that we are big Broncos fans in this fam (some of us naturally, some of us forced) and this past Sunday was a big game! Little man got to wear his Broncos best to church Sunday morning and he definitely was not the only one.. Our whole church is full of Broncos lovers! #movedtotherightplace

 If you watched that game, you can see we felt a LOT of emotions. And in the end, we were all just kind of done. But YAY for winning and getting to do it all over again this Sunday!

Since Monday was MLK day, we got to spend our afternoon with JoJo! We went to a late lunch and walked all around the shops of downtown Littleton. A certain little guy LOVED her being here and walking with him on the sidewalk. He is so big and loving it.

If Caleb had a list of favorites, his daddy would be so high on that list. He cries everyday Nick leaves for work.
 And LOVES greeting him when he gets home. I love that my boys are the best of friends.

Since we live in cold Colorado, going to the park everyday is not really a thing. At least not for this Texas girl. (Give me a heater and a blanket, please.) So we CONSTANTLY frequent the library. We went twice this week and he loves it so much every time.

   There’s a play kitchen there for the month of January and he’s a BIG FAN. Especially when big kids are there and cook him pretend food.

 Yesterday Nick got to go with us which meant I was actually in a picture with Caleb! I read an article the other day about moms rarely being in the picture because they are always busy taking them. As I thought back, I can definitely remember my mom hardly ever in our pictures. So hopefully I can be better about that. Caleb may want proof I was there, right? #iwasthere #justmaybeinyogapants #mycoffeeistheretoo

And my last favorite of the week is the stay-at-home date night Nick and I had last night! Since Caleb goes to sleep so early, we still pretty much have a whole evening so last night we board gamed it up. The game of Life, anyone?

 It may look like Nick is praying right there, but he’s actually counting ALL of the money he had. Because he won. And he was the banker. (Not saying there’s a connection, just stating facts.)

Hope everyone has such a fantastic weekend!!!  Don’t forget to cheer on the Broncos Sunday (or just pray they win or pray for Nick.. ha!) Go Broncos!

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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