A Week In The Life

This past week has been CRAZY. Between a full day student ministry event, the Broncos game, the boys feeling under the weather, this little fam is absolutely EXHAUSTED. So this post will be an update of pictures. 🙂 


 It was finally warm enough to go to the park! We laughed really hard because it was the same temp back home in Houston which meant it was too cold for them to go to the park. Oh, how I live in such a different world now! 



This little guy got taken all around on Saturday. He got to help register students for the event that morning (AKA play with the pretty girls in The Shed) and then spend the afternoon/evening at his JoJo’s while I cooked dinner for the students. We are so thankful to have one of his grandmas live close and love him so well! And fun to see him get to the age where he gets excited about seeing her. (Amidst the craziness, we had time for a fish face.) 


Have you guys heard of a little team called the Broncos? Well if you haven’t realized yet, this fam are BIG FANS. We watched the big game on Sunday with family friends and in the end of the game, there was a lot of this.. 

 ..but when they won, there was a lot of THIS… 

   (Doesn’t this pic just CRACK you up?! Nick and Phil look pretty much the manliest I’ve ever seen them.. Hahaha!)

 Caleb was soaking it all in. #broncointraining

  He got to see JoJo two days in a row. Jackpot for this little kiddo!  



  Is this just not the best depiction of feelings of Monday everywhere?! Well, the tears weren’t actually due to the Monday blues.. He was DISTRAUGHT that his baseball lamp would not high five him back. True story. Sometimes lamps are rude like that, little buddy. #thestruggleisreal


This was full of play time at home. Daddy was already sick at this point and little man was starting to catch the bug too. Boo on sickness.

  No, he did not just use the big potty. Yes, he’s become obsessed with the toilet paper roll. One guess on why it’s empty. 

 This little guy kept running back and forth down the hallway, absolutely cracking himself up. He also had to stop every time he got to me to take a look at any pictures I may have taken. (Vain much? Nah.) Can we just take a moment to grieve the fact that he’s starting to lose some baby fat? I know you may see some yummy chunky thighs there, but I promise they used to be chunkier. My baby’s growing up on me. 😦


This little guy got his own trip to the doctor’s office. But you can’t hold him down. He may not have felt well, but he still had plenty of energy to jam out to ‘If you’re happy and you know it.’  



We are headed to Texas for my mom’s birthday!!! My boys still don’t feel 100% so prayers are always appreciated. The doctor told me yesterday that the humidity would be good for Caleb.. And I told him that’s the first time anyone has ever said anything positive about humidity! And he also somehow knew I was from the south.. Apparently I have an accent after all. 🙂 

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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