Sunburns and Snowstorms

Let me just start this off with saying that the only time we have gotten ‘snow storms’ since we’ve lived in Colorado is if we are going to literally have any interaction with the airport. If you would like a snow storm to come, just book the Jones a flight somewhere. (But make it somewhere tropical, please.) 

So this past weekend was my mom’s birthday and she decided that what she wanted for her big day was to fly us to Texas to spend it with her. Can’t argue with that! We left on Thursday and little man is becoming a champ at this whole flying thing. It was his first time to be able to walk in the airport and pretty much opened a whole new world for him. (Nick is AMAZING at letting him walk even though it may take us an extra 5 hours to get anywhere. I am apparently not as good at being that amazingly patient.)  


The moment he was reunited with his Aunt LeyLey was so very sweet. He reached out for her (which I was glad for since I had just lugged his 27 lb sleeping self thru the airport) and gave her a big ol’ hug. He then got so excited to point out all of the cars to her, because well, cars are his favorite.  


On Friday he was reunited with his Nanan and his Maddie Moo! Hugs all around! That afternoon we got to do what that Texas girl Maddie gets to do everyday.. Go to the park!  


Shorts in January?! This kid was basking it in.  


That evening Nick and I and the kiddos went out for a birthday dinner with Mom and Steve. They let us choose and DUH, we chose Mexican. If anyone ever asks me what I miss most about Texas, the answer is always Mexican food. (Family and friends are a given of course.)  


Saturday our plan for the day was the Mardi Grad parade! Now growing up close to Galveston island, Mardi Gras was always just a part of life every year. And what’s even more fun now is that my dad and Mary are super involved in Mardi Gras and participate in building and riding in a float in the parade. An automatic guarantee for awesome beads!  


Ashley made the kids some super cute shirts for the festivities! (She got all the crafty genes. I literally just watched her make them. I’m a great supporter.)


Caleb’s seriously makes me laugh (the one on the left). And he definitely enjoyed the King Cake. 🙂


The parade was a blast! Maddie loved dancing all around and gathering all of the tons and tons of beads.  


Caleb had a different idea of fun…  


My mom quickly pointed out after the 5th band marched by that I probably don’t need to tiptoe during nap time at home now. 😉


The kids loved it and have played with their beads non-stop! They love taking them off and putting them back on.. over and over and over again. On the way home, we realized that Caleb, Nick, and I all had a slight sunburn. Guess we aren’t used to the heat anymore! 

They played HARD and were exhausted at the end of the day. Which gave us pretty much the BEST picture ever of Maddie Moo.  I can’t not crack up when I look at it. #theafterparty


On Sunday, Steve cooked the whole family a birthday dinner to celebrate Mom. It was such a great day eating BBQ and southern comfort food. And my mom is the queen of sweet tea. Pretty sure you won’t catch her without one!  


These two loved playing outside together. And since this Colorado boy doesn’t have the appropriate Texas clothing, this happened…   

Maddie and Caleb were definitely best friends and LOVED to give each other hugs. However, this usually ended up with them collapsing on the ground because they don’t know their own strength. Still sweet. 🙂 


It was such a fun day with the whole fam. 


So our flight was Monday evening which was of course the same time a snow storm was supposed to be hitting pretty much all of Colorado. We tried to switch our flight but that would have cost only about an extra $600.. No big deal. 

So obviously we just took our chances and our flight ended up being the last one that left Houston to go to Denver that night! Whew. And the flight was pretty empty because apparently everyone else had $600. But Caleb (& his parents) loved that he got his own seat.  


And then he even curled right up and went to sleep on his Daddy. And then only wanted Daddy the rest of the evening. Even after we landed and got in the airport and Nick REALLY needed to go to the restroom. He chose the clingy kid instead. What a great dad. (He did eventually let him go, don’t worry.)  


The drive home was a bit sketch because that’s when the storm really started to get bad but we are fortunate to have Nick who is apparently a rockstar at driving in the snow. And not actually telling me it was horrible until we got home. (Ignorance is bliss, am I right?) Going from 70 degree weather (and a bit of a sunburn) to a 20 degree snowstorm was a bit of a shock to the system, but it was good to be home. 

Thanks so much for the fun weekend, Texas! 

(And happy birthday mom.. You rock for bringing us out!!)

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