Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Yay for the weekend! As usual, today I am linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea for all of my Friday Favorites. 

So starting off, just in case you don’t have a fanatic husband like mine for you to know this, but baseball season has arrived. Which meant the necessary wearing of the Rockies gear for the little guy.  

 He’s thrilled if you can’t tell. Seriously though, he does get really excited when baseball is on TV and he exclaims excitedly ‘BALL!’ If you have been around Caleb for even a moment, you know that he LOVES to throw balls and one will usually hit you on the head (unless you are athletic and catch it unlike me). So yes, it is definitely a favorite in our household that baseball season is here. And someone in my home is VERY excited that he can actually go to Rockies games all the time. I’ll let you guess who. 

Speaking of my two guys, we had an impromptu coffee date early Thursday morning and it was a definite favorite. I’m pretty sure Caleb made friends with all the baristas (and they all already know Nick) so he even got his own little *empty* cup.  Coffee plus my boys pretty much equals my life made. 

So I started back up listening to the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast since Shay was on it recently. I’ve listened before to a few here and there but then I kind of just forgot about it. And now I’m addicted because she has so many people on that I love and it’s just so fun to hear them answer questions about their lives. So as long as I remember it, it’s a fave to listen to in the car when I am childless. 🙂 

Along those same lines since this person was recently on the Happy Hour, I just received my copy of Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs in the mail and I am SO excited to read it. Mail is my favorite and a book in the mail is basically just like icing on an already wonderful cake. So I’m pumped to read it especially since it’s my first book I’ve read by her.. and I will for sure share if it becomes a fave. 🙂  

We all know that TimeHop is a favorite of mine and today was no exception. You know how when you are dating and really like the other person so you are willing to do some things that may seem ridiculous to you to please the other person? Well TimeHop reminded me this morning of when I forced Nick to dye eggs with me for our first Easter.. And he even did it with bunny ears on.  

 And then he of course took it a step further to shove a million marshmallows in his mouth. Because that’s just who he is.  

 You are all welcome for these images. And I’m sure Nick will be thanking me profusely for bringing them back up again. 😉

Speaking of fun apps, Snapchat has become a fave of Caleb’s. He is all about showcasing his kissing capabilities for the camera.  

And with that my friends, I wish you a happy weekend!!! I hope it is full of fun times and pretty weather!! 

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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