Luke & The Lone Star State

I may be living in a Colorado world, but I will always be a Texas girl. Last year we went for Mother’s Day weekend and haven’t been back since because of the whole having a baby thing. This has been the longest that I’ve ever gone without going to my favorite state. It only seemed fitting that we returned on Mother’s Day weekend but this time with a whole different purpose.. my Nana’s 80th Birthday Party! And of course to introduce our newest member of the fam to everyone. So off we went on Luke’s first flight adventure (really his first trip anywhere!).

We were up early on Thursday morning. Caleb LOVES having to wake up early for the airport. He thinks it’s the best thing ever, especially if the destination is to see some of his favorite people ever.

Luke actually did great for having to wake up so early. Since Daddy wouldn’t share his coffee with him, he was already ready for a nap by the time we boarded.

The boys did fantastic! We then headed to Nanan’s where she got to be reunited with all the grandkids.

And then of course the next stop was Mexican food! Because Texas. They had a little backdrop set up and all the kids’ personalities got to shine. Except poor Luke who looks straight confused. Or frightened.

On Friday, the kids got a lot of play time. Dylan was all about Luke this time which works well since Maddie and Caleb often leave him in the dust. He’s probably thinking that Luke should hurry up and get big so he’s got a buddy to play with.

We got the big kids out of the house and Nanan and Luke got to do their favorite thing together…

That evening, we got to have a bit of reunion with some of my besties and their families. We usually just do a girls night when I come in town but we decided to get all the hubbies and kids together too. Ensue a fun night of chaos and catching up.

The next day was the big day for Nana! It was so fun celebrating the head lady of our family. My nana has always had a special spot in my heart. Some of my favorite memories are playing dress up in all of her clothes and jewelry when we were little. And then when I was in college, I would go work for her once a week and then I would be sent home with shoes or purses that she was done with. She’s always been our accessory queen! She always encourages that if you just put a little lipstick on, you will feel better. If that’s not a true southern woman quote than I just don’t know what is. 😉 (Love you Nana! It was so fun celebrating you!)

It was also an added bonus that we got to see so much family! And of course people got all their baby snuggles.

On Sunday it was Mother’s Day but also the day we headed home! We put all the kiddos in shirts that said ‘Cousin Crew’ and forced them to take pictures which is always a good time. I’m so glad that even though we live states away, the love between these four will always be strong.

Then it was time for lots of hugs and goodbyes! I got a picture with these two amazing moms for Mother’s Day…

And then it was straight real life motherhood at the airport for Mother’s Day. Hard to be pampered when you’re flying with two littles but my boys still made it a sweet day.

We had such an awesome trip! The best part? Getting to introduce Luke to the best state in the country. 😉

Published by Raven Jones

I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

One thought on “Luke & The Lone Star State

  1. Thanks for sharing this Texas trip. You kiddos made me like Queen for a day. I was so proud of you all and super excited to meet “Luke “. I am a very blessed Nana.


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