The Caleb Quotes: Volume II

A little over a month ago, I shared a compilation of quotes from Caleb since Luke entered the scene. They were super fun to share so I figured I would continue to record the silly and sweet things he says. And believe it or not, the kid does not keep me lacking for material. It helps that words never stop coming out of his mouth.

Caleb loves to take care of Luke and chat with him. He has started to mimic the silly little phrases that I say to Luke and pretends to have conversations with him. Sometimes he ‘talks’ for Luke or sometimes he just pretends that he understands his babbles. One day he was talking for both of them and their ‘convo’ when a little like this…

Caleb: We are best friends Luke.

Caleb as Luke in his baby voice: What’s a best friend?

Caleb: I don’t know how to explain it.

Luke is probably wondering why he even brought it up then. 😂

Having a little brother has definitely made him start wondering about his future family. We’ve had many conversations about who his wife will be, how old will he be when he’s a dad, where he will live, etc. Here’s one example…

Caleb: Will I ever be a daddy? Who will be my kiddo? But I won’t ever have a baby inside my tummy!

Yup. Way to remind me that only women get that pleasure.

So obviously with any 4 year old, there’s a little confusion about who he’s able to marry. When he brings it up, he always says that he wants to marry his cousin Maddie or marry me. So we’ve had to explain multiple times that we don’t marry family.

Caleb: I just love you so much Mom, we are gonna get married! Well I know we’re not. But we do get to dance together like Daddy did with JoJo.

Yes we do, sweet boy. Melt this mama’s heart.

He always wants Luke to be included in everything. For VBS, he wanted to know if the nursery would be decorated for Luke and assured him that he would come home and tell him everything he learned at VBS. When he went to the zoo the other week, he did the same thing…

Caleb: Luke, when I get home from the zoo, I’ll answer any questions you have. You too, mom. I know you’ll for sure ask me if I had fun.

Apparently I’m pretty predictable.

I shared on my last blog of his quotes that since I seem to always be tired, he says that God must have just made me that way. Ha! Well he’s at it again, y’all.

Caleb: I’m sleepy. I was really sleepy yesterday too.

Me: Why are you so tired?

Caleb: I don’t know! I turned into Mom!

The kid coming through with the zinger. That of course got a huge laugh from both Nick and I so now he continues to say it all the time. Ahhh, kids.

It really is so much fun to see Caleb in his big brother role. He always wants Luke to be in the same room as him, loves helping with him, and is quick to go grab anything Luke may need. As Luke has gotten older, it’s so sweet to even watch him get excited when Caleb is near (usually two inches from his face) and laugh at all of his big brother’s antics. I’m sure the quotes will just keep on coming!

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