Our Quarantined Life Lately!

So here we are… right smack-dab in the middle of a pandemic. Isn’t it so surreal? We are in week four or five already (who even really knows at this point) and I still have moments of disbelief. If someone would have told us a few months ago that this would be our reality, there’s no way we would have believed it! It’s made me realize just how much we feel untouchable or invincible as Americans in the year 2020. But yet, here we are. I’m not here to give grim reports or discuss how overwhelming and anxious it can make us all feel. At least not today. Today is just a little update of how the Jones fam is living in this new normal. Because let’s be honest, we are totally going to look back on this time for years to come.

We have spent SO much time outside when the weather is nice. Playing, chalk art, yard projects, all the things. So stay away, snow!! The backyard is all we’ve got. (As I type this, it is currently snowing outside. BOOOOO.)

Someone has been making their bed everyday! When Nick created the Quarantine Quontest for the youth group, we created one of sorts for Caleb too. It’s basically a behavior and chore chart all rolled in one with points involved. It is a game changer during this time! Bed made – check! 7 points! (And a smiling mama.)

Working from home with two little people is by far the most challenging of this whole thing. Well I guess besides the unknown and the not seeing people and the stuck at home part. So I guess it’s ONE of the most challenging things. We have gotten in a little bit better groove as the weeks have gone on, but I don’t think it’ll ever be a thing we master. A one year old as a co-worker is a demanding thing, y’all. (And a bit nosey too, if you ask me.)

These guys aren’t missing out on the calls to talk to their people either! Between portal calls with the cousins & grandparents, FaceTime with buddies, and zoom calls with his preschool class, they are staying well connected. So thankful for technology during this strange time! (A zoom call with 14 preschoolers is probably one of the most entertaining things ever. And their teacher handles it like a CHAMP.)

Have I mentioned all of the outside time?? Walks, nature scavenger hunts, baseball, trick shots, dinner… anything outside! We are pretty sure Luke would live outside if we would let him. He just plays and wanders around in the backyard without a care in the world. Caleb had to see the closed playground to legit believe us because he just couldn’t believe that would be a thing. Welcome to our shocking reality, buddy. 😦

And like all of the things, church is now online! I’m seriously so impressed by our church that managed to switch from normal church to virtual in under 48 hours. It’s been such a learning curve for all of us on staff, but it’s been so awesome to see God working through a time like this! He’s still here, folks. He is not surprised. He has not left us. And he is working big time! As much as I dislike not being able to gather together in our church building, I still love being able to engage in this way with my family. It sure has led to some incredible conversations with Caleb!

Surprise drop-offs sure are the highlights of this quarantine!! I’ve never been so excited to see things unexpectedly sitting on our porch or placed in our yard (and mail too!). It’s the little things, y’all. I’m thankful to have people that show up in times like this.

People keep saying that we will remember this time forever. That our kids will remember this. How will we choose to use it? As difficult it has been, it’s also been full of sweet time with my family so I definitely consider myself grateful.

The most amazing news that has happened during this time is Caleb made a HUGE decision! He decided to make Jesus his friend forever (all his words). Nick and I both were able to be apart of the conversation since we were home which was so special. This is something he’s talked about for a long time, but we have always wanted to make sure he truly grasped his decision. After a really sweet conversation where we knew he understood and a precious prayer, I think I truly experienced one of the best mom moments I’ve ever had.

So there’s a little life lately that’s happening in our fam! I hope that your families have been able to find joy in the chaos. Choosing faith over fear has been huge for me! Also, allowing myself grace and giving tons of grace to others has been so important. We serve a big God that is in control!

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I love Jesus. My husband and my sons are the best ever. I'm a Texas girl living in a Colorado world. Coffee makes everything better.

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