A Quarantined Day in the Life

Well here we are, week 18452 of quarantine! Can you even believe it?! These are such strange times that I decided it needed documentation of a day in the life. I’ve done these in the past but those obviously included going places and doing things. This one… is obviously a little different. I also don’t think I’ve done one of these since Luke was born so it was way overdue because he has been here for a while after all.

Here are past ones to compare…

December 2017

March 2017

April 2016

I decided to document this past Sunday because clearly our Sundays look way different now. Not going into a church building on a Sunday morning is probably one of the most foreign experiences of this whole time. Here we go…

It may be quarantine days but that doesn’t mean sleeping in for me. I still try to get up before the kiddos because that means a happier mama for everyone. I took a shower and then headed to the most important place…

Coffee time. In a quiet house. It’s heavenly.

I had been reading Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen with a group of gals before the world shut down. I only have a couple chapters left so I got a chapter in before the fam woke up. The chapter was all about being grateful so it basically couldn’t have come at a better time. (If you need a book to read, this one is PERFECT for pandemic times.)

Look who woke up and joined me! And he’s got that quarantine hair coming in thick. He was a little emotional about not being in a wedding that happened at the very beginning of the shut down. It was kind of out of nowhere since we dealt with that weeks ago. But adults definitely aren’t the only ones feeling all the feelings all the time.

I headed upstairs to get dressed and ran into this guy.

His favorite word right now is DADA! so it was easy to say good morning and keep on walking while Nick got him up. He LOVES his dada right now… follows him around, shouts his name incessantly, loses it when Nick leaves, and shouts Dada! at the windows while he’s gone. It’s good times.

I went ahead and got all dressed before Nick left for the church. For the month of April, he went into the church building to ‘host’ the 8:45 service online. After he left, I got the boys dressed.

Caleb is now making his bed everyday as part of his quarantine score sheet. Welcome to the struggle of getting chores done with a one year old in tow.

Sometimes a 5 year old uses a different technique than I would use but at the end of the day, a made bed is a made bed. (Which is what I tell myself as I walk away resisting the urge to ‘fix’ it.)

Time for cup number two. And this time with a friend.

This was about the time that he remembered that he would be very interested in…

Second breakfast! He asks to not be judged please. He is working on his COVID-19.

While he ate again, I updated Caleb’s score to add in his made the bed points. Each 100 points equals $10. We’ve been doing this since day one of quarantine so not so bad!

I also did all of the fun things like empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, throw out my flowers that died. Just living the dream.

Caleb finished his morning show during this time of none other than Dude Perfect! It’s pretty much become his obsession lately which has led to all of his own trick shot videos.

The little guy and I headed to the playroom (with coffee in hand). He played while I caught up on Marco Polo’s (which pretty much is the go-to communication of these strange days). We did this until it was time for…

Church! While listening to worship on my phone, I had a couple of guys that wanted to join in…

Then it was time to put someone down for a nap (sadly not me).

Caleb decided it was time for a snack (because apparently we have 1200 of those a day while locked in our house)…

He ate while I worked on a sign for a little drive by surprise we would be doing later. It’s definitely an interesting time to have a baby but we got to be apart of loving on a family from a distance!

After Nick got home and Luke woke up, it was time for the surprise parade! I do feel like this has been one of the most creative things that have come from this time and I’ve absolutely loved participating in a couple. If we can’t gather for a party, I love that we can at least do a parade!

The sweet family stood on the front stoop while we all drove by and dropped goodies off on their driveway one by one. It was so fun! I think all the women totally teared up as we drove away because it’s just so good to see people we love right now.

Time for grocery pick-up! This has been a service I’ve used for years but obviously it’s become a little different in these times. Our pick-up was delayed, we could barely find a parking spot, and there’s always items out of stock. We sure don’t get upset though because we know the workers are working like crazy!

Plus, where else do we have to be these days?!

After we got our groceries, we head home to unload and feed the hungry boys. I added a deli party tray to our order for a quick Sunday lunch. Perfection!

The boys headed outside while I folded a load of laundry.

I am a person of routine to the core. Well this virus has rocked that completely. I am slowly creating a new normal/routine during these times which includes laundry. Mondays have always been my laundry days when I wash EVERYTHING and put it all away. All on Monday. Well now Mondays are full work days for me so that’s become impossible. I am now doing two loads on Sunday and two loads on Monday. (I know that you all find this information THRILLING.)

I headed outside to join the boys after I put that load away. Nick had been working on a project to extend our patio and had just finished it up.

We ordered a new patio table so we posted our old one on Facebook for someone to pick up for free. It was gone in 30 minutes which totally cleared off our patio!

Except for all the kiddo stuff and dirt it left behind of course.

And look at that… time for someone to take a nap again (still not me)…

I headed back outside to help them finish off the project. We decided to put all the extra gravel in a flower bed for the boys to have a digging spot. They have their own spot to play which will keep them from digging in the new area. Win win!

There’s someone that loves to help their daddy with yard work. We finished with the yard just in time for Luke to wake up from his nap. It’s amazing how much you can get done when we aren’t chasing him around!

A smoothie seemed like a great afternoon snack! The only problem is that Luke is basically scared of any loud noises… the blender, the blow dryer, the vacuum. He hates it all.

Yup. He just stares at me in sheer terror crying the entire time. But he quickly forgave me (I think)…

We decided it was a great time to watch our Big God Story since we had a captive audience.

Not pictured: both boys dancing along to the songs. We have enjoyed kids church at home as much as can be expected!

We decided it was a great time for a walk to our neighborhood school! Although we can’t play on the equipment, Caleb can ride his new 4-wheeler in the parking lot (yay for a surprise hand me down from friends!) and Luke can just run around. Because let’s be honest, any place that’s not our house right now is exciting.

After lots of playing and riding, we headed back home for dinner. Does anyone else feel like they’re cooking a million times more than usual? In reality, I’m cooking the same amount because we used to eat out once a week which has translated to take-out once a week. But for some reason, I feel like quarantine has added 12 million extra home-cooked meals. One of the strange mysteries of this pandemic.

After dinner, Nick and Caleb decided to enjoy year old ice cream drumsticks from the freezer. Totally grossed me out but I guess that’s one way to clean out the freezer. (And nobody puked so I guess that’s a win too.)

Our family room often looks like boys running around, throwing balls, wrestling, basically all the boy things. This day was no different.

Nick headed outside to water his precious lawn (have I mentioned that he’s obsessed with the yard yet?) so we headed to the playroom. This was mainly a mode of distraction for the little one since he is obsessed with DADA!

That worked for a little while since big brother encouraged them to wave and watch DADA!…

Until THIS happened.

Let’s just say that Caleb joining DADA! outside while he was locked inside did not go over well. I intervened and thankfully we made it through. Just a side note (and I’m of course not bitter at all) that Luke DOES know how to say Mama. But he only says it while he’s in distress. Basically if he’s hurt or crying, he cries ‘mamamamamama.’ But he has never said MAMA! out of excitement or glee. It’s fine, totally fine. Good for DADA!

We picked up that crazy play room and then it was time for bed…

Our whole family prays together when we do Lukey Bear’s bedtime and then lately Nick has been the one to put him down. (We don’t need to bring up the reason why again…)

Caleb and I head to his room to set up game time! One of the new things we have started since we’ve been stuck at home is a game with Caleb after Luke goes to bed. This was never really a thing before because sometimes either Nick or I were gone in the evenings. This has been probably one of my favorite things we’ve done during life shutdown.

Caleb is weirdly good at matching. Like maybe I should look up some contest to enter him in to make some extra cash good.

After he goes to bed, we head downstairs because we actually have plans! I grab my dessert…

Peanut butter m&ms. Every. Single. Night.

Family zoom game night! This has become our thing every Sunday night after the kiddos are in bed. It’s been pretty much hilarious and the best. Who knew Zoom would become such a huge part of our lives?!

After way past my bedtime, I set up my coffee machine for the next morning. My keurig is the first thing I see and the last thing I see everyday so does this make us best friends? Probably.

I head upstairs, get ready for bed, and pretty much pass out.

If anyone is still reading, there you have it! A quarantined day in the life of the Jones fam. The days feel LONG right now but we are thankful for new & creative ways to make our life fun right now! Who knows how long all of this will last but we are trying to make the best of it while it is happening. I’m sure it will be a time we look back on forever!

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