The Caleb Quotes: Volume III

We have had a week over here, y’all! Between runny noses, coughs, a fever, a migraine, our house has been disinfected and lysoled to the moon and back. So to distract myself from all that business, I’ve decided that it’s another time for quotes by Caleb! One of the best parts of this age is when Caleb says funny, cute things. Mamas of older kiddos are constantly telling me to document the adorableness so this series was born and here we are on the 3rd installment. Feel free to walk down memory lane with Volume I and Volume II of crazy things Caleb has said!

One day when Nick was doing yard work in the backyard, Caleb was watching him through the window.

Caleb: Good job Dad!

Me: He’s our hero, isn’t he?

Caleb: About the grass he is. And you’re the hero about VBS and getting work done. And I’m the hero of cleaning everything up.

Hmm, we must have differing definitions of cleaning everything up.

I do love being a boy mom because {usually} the boys love to dote on me.

Caleb: Oh Mommy, you are just sooooo cute!!!! So so so so so so so cute!

To Luke: That’s how you talk to pretty girls.

Oh man, I am bracing myself for those teenage years. I may have a charmer on my hands.

One of Caleb’s love languages is eating out at a restaurant. The kid loves it and one of his favorites is The 49th (which is an Alaskan restaurant so clearly he’s got sophisticated taste). As we were leaving dinner there one night, he said…

Caleb: Perfect timing to leave because my tummy kinda hurts!

Welcome to too much of a good thing, kid.

Caleb and Luke’s relationship really has been one of the greatest parts of adding a kiddo to our family. We are so grateful for how much Caleb loves Luke and the feeling is definitely mutual. It’s pretty common to catch Caleb saying really sweet things to Luke.

Caleb (kissing Luke on the head): Night night, my little sidekick.

I know we are entering the days of sibling rivalry but for now, we will enjoy all of the sweetness of the bromance.

Another time we were out at a restaurant and Caleb pointed over to a group of elderly women.

Caleb: Dad, look at that table full of grandmas!

He then went on to list who he thought would fit in at that table but we won’t get him in trouble sharing all that. 😁

For Nick’s birthday, a bunch of his students bought him Chacos. Caleb was a little confused.

Caleb: Dad, why are you wearing your water shoes? You’re not going to a pond.

Clearly he’s not up on the whole Chaco trend. There’s no Chaco tan lines for him to show off.

During the fall, Caleb had soccer practice right before Awana (because apparently I like to pack as many things possible in one day). He got a donut at practice and then it was time to eat dinner before Awana.

Me: You have to at least eat some meat so your tummy will feel okay.

Caleb: And so I don’t get hungry at Awana?

Me: Yes, for sure.

Caleb: Because everyone would be like Caleb why are you hungry?! Didn’t you eat dinner??

Me: Yup… they’d be like who is your mom?!

Caleb: Yeah! Isn’t your mom Raven? She does everything right!

Me: I do?

Caleb: Don’t you?

Good to know I’m at least I’m fooling one person!

Over Thanksgiving break, we visited my mom’s work when we were in Texas. Keep in mind, she’s a mortgage loan officer. That works in a normal office. When we got in the car…

Caleb: That was a weird church.

All of us: Huh??

It took us a couple minutes but we finally figured out that Caleb thought everyone works at a church since Nick and I both do. It pretty much blew his mind to figure out that people work other places. He still doesn’t quite understand why they all keep showing up at mine & Nick’s work then on Sundays. Ha! Baby steps.

Caleb was the one with the fever this week and thankfully it seems that he’s finally fever-free. But we chatted a lot about what’s considered a regular temperature and what isn’t. We were all praying at bedtime.

Nick: We just continue to pray that Caleb would be 100%.

Caleb: Wait, what? Why do you want my temperature to be 100 again?

Nick: Oh. No. That you feel 100%. Yeah, I see how that’s confusing.

Poor guy thought his dad was praying for him to still be sick.

Both Caleb and Luke keep me on my toes these days. As tired as I may be and as appealing as it sounds to go to a hotel to sleep for 24 hours, I sure am thankful to be their mama.

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