For the Love of Coffee

Yesterday at bible study, we were asked to share three of our all time FAVORITES. As I thought of what I was going to bring, I KNEW that coffee was going to be one of them. It just can’t not be apart of any favorite list of mine. (Although Nick couldn’t believe I didn’t choose to bring HIM in.) As I was sharing my love/obsession of coffee, I remembered that I wrote a blog about my love story with coffee way back in the day. (The name of my blog was even called ‘come grab a latte’, for goodness sake.) So I went and found it and thought that it would be fun to share it today, especially since it’s Friday Favorites day! And since this was written pre-Nick and Caleb, I’ll add on to it. 🙂

This was written August 12, 2010…

You may have noticed by the name of my blog, I seem to have a bit of attachment to coffee. Let’s both drink a latte and discuss. This probably all started when I used to visit my grandparent’s house when I was little and they had coffee time everyday at 3 pm. My wonderful Grandad decided that I should be able to drink coffee too and started to slip me some (because what mom really wants their child drinking coffee). And it’s pretty much been love ever since.  

Every Wednesday my Grandad would pick me up from elementary school (for piano lessons which I took for 6 years and refused to learn anything) and head to his house for some coffee and chocolate pudding. (Can you see why I refused to quit piano even though I obviously had no desire to play?) Coffee time with Grandad quickly became one of my all-time favorite things. As I grew older and drinking coffee seemed a little bit more appropriate, that is when I began to explore cappucinos with my friends usually courtesy of the gas station. I knew that I loved coffee, but I also knew that I had no idea how to even prepare my own cup because my precious Grandad always did that for me.  

As I went off to college, my love continued and that is the first time I lived in the same town as a Starbucks. I’m pretty sure angels probably sang a hallelujah chorus as they built that Starbucks so close to my apartment building. I quickly gave up my gas station cappucinos and began my commitment to the real thing. However, being a college student and trying to maintain my love affair with coffee at such a high price, I knew that something needed to be done. Luckily by this point, I had friends that shared the same love and explained that I indeed was in it enough to use my own coffee pot. This was a tiny little contraption that my mom had bought for the sole intention of being able to brew coffee for when she would visit. I was quickly discouraged but then I realized that my wonderful Nana had also offered me a fancier coffeepot that brewed right in to two travel coffee mugs. Between the two of these, I knew that I would be okay. I began to purchase my own coffee and re-learned how to brew it (since a chore growing up was to brew my mom’s coffee) and was on my way. It got to the point where my great friend Andrea would pick me up for school and there would be 2 travel mugs of coffee ready for us to go. Gotta love friends that share the love.  

At my college graduation, I knew what needed to happen. People began to ask me what I would like for my next move into the world and I quickly requested a coffee pot. My aunt that ended up purchasing me one thought I was completely crazy, but followed through by buying me an absolutely fantastic one. Favorite college graduation present ever. This coffee pot has now moved with me to Fort Worth and brewed coffee for me every morning and random other times of the day since. Entering grad school definitely increased my love and dependence on coffee. My coffee pot began to experience being brewed from anywhere to 6 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon to 2 in the morning. My love for coffee became crucial to graduating from grad school.  

People tend to tease me about my love (or obsession as they may call it) for coffee. This may be because of my insistence of never going a road trip without Starbucks, the instant happiness I feel when coffee is mentioned, my strong desire to drink coffee black just to be hardcore, Starbucks baristas recognizing me and knowing my drink, or the fact that I’m just plain addicted.  

No matter how you look at it, coffee just makes everything better: life decisions, sweet time with friends, dessert, reading a good book, spending some precious time with the Lord, driving in the car, waking up in the morning…

Let’s be honest, I could go on forever. But I won’t. I know that not everyone may share my love (which I cannot understand for the life of me) but I will respect that… as long as you respect the love. I don’t judge you for your strange Diet Coke addictions. 


So obviously I have been in love for a long time. So then I met my future husband (although I of course didn’t know it at the time) and he did NOT drink coffee. Like at all. Our first ‘hang out’ (NOT a date because he did not pay) was at Starbucks. And he ordered a smoothie. Umm. So as I saw that we were getting more serious, I made it my mission in life to make him like coffee. Just think of all the important causes that I could have used all that energy towards. But apparently I’m just that crazy and determined when it comes to my drink of choice. And if you meet Nick now, he drinks coffee! Only iced, but coffee nonetheless. I mean we even ended up getting engaged at that same Starbucks. I would call that a victory.

So just consider coffee a love language of mine. If you ask me to meet for coffee or ask if you can bring me coffee, my heart feels all of the warm fuzzy feelings. It is indeed my happy place.

What’s Up Wednesday! 

It’s Hump Day! Remember that ridiculous commercial with the camels about what day it was?! Pretty sure me and one of my besties used to text each other each Wednesday morning with camel emojis. Because we are just super cool like that. (Love ya Tiff!)

Today I’m linking up for What’s Up Wednesday! to share all the random things going on in the Jones fam right now.   



Meal planning in our home happens every Friday and then I ask Nick if he has anything he’s been craving to add to the list. The beginning of this week was cold and a little snowy so Frito Pie was definitely in order. Since I work until 5 on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s now, my crockpot has become my BFF. So anyone that wants to share their fave slow cooker recipe, I’m all ears!  


Baby Caleb. I blame TimeHop for this. Everyday I’m reminded of just how tiny that kid was a year ago today.  


And then their whole then|now feature allows my mind to really be blown to see the difference side by side.  

 Luckily he is such a cuddly kid that I still get to squeeze him tight all the time. If I can catch him first. 


So this will sound like such a cliche answer but my boys are what I am really loving right now. A day doesn’t usually go by that I don’t have a moment of disbelief that I get to do life with Nick and that God chose us to be Caleb’s parents. Nick is such a rockstar at being my biggest encourager and Caleb is always so lovey that I’m pretty sure I’ve got a fan in him too.  Then the two of them together pretty sure just makes my heart smile huge. I mean, look how stinkin cute they are playing together. 



Pretty much everything. As I’ve already talked about our crazy 2 weeks here and then we had a fun family weekend at Red Rocks and now we are just back to normal routine things. PTL. 


I don’t think I’m currently dreading anything so that’s always a good thing, right?! 


So I’m the co-coordinator of VBS this year at our church (or really assistant coordinator because I’m just following along and figuring it out as I’m told..haha!). I’m super excited because I remember back to my old children’s ministry days of recruiting VBS leaders and now it’s like I get to switch roles. 🙂 SO with that being said, if you go to my church then you should totally be signing up to volunteer in VBS this summer!  


Two of my besties decided to have babies within weeks of one another! Well actually God decided, but still fun. So Amanda had her precious little girl last week. 

Tiffany should be having her baby girl within this next week. When we found out about us moving to Colorado, Tiff and I pretty much made Nick sign in blood that I would get to fly out when those babies arrived. And now it’s almost here! Can. Not. Wait. 


Well the other day I was asking a college girl what shows she watches on TV and I quickly figured out I share some of the same ones. Whoops. (Just remember this is a no judgement zone.)

 For as long as I can remember, The Bachelor (or Bachelorette) was a girls Monday night tradition with my friends. Now unfortunately we all live in different cities but don’t you fret. We have set up a a bachelor fantasy league (think fantasy football). So yes, I guess you could say I’m a die-hard fan. #noshame 

  This one I won’t stand by and say no shame.. because I’m a bit embarrassed (and rightly so). This is a show I binge watched on Netflix years ago and am now caught up and have to watch every Tuesday night to finally get closure of when these poor ridiculous girls will finally make good choices like calling the cops instead of thinking its a better idea to keep secrets that just make them look straight guilty as they are blackmailed and tortured to a ridiculous degree. So you could say I’m just in too deep. 
  Let me introduce you to my best friends Chip and JoJo. Unfortunately I need to meet them first. There was a time that Joanna commented on one of my Instagram posts and it pretty much made my life.  
 That makes us best friends, right? Seriously though. I love this show. I love this couple. I love that they love Jesus. It’s all a bunch of win wins. (So surely this redeems me watching PLL, right?)

  This is the show that I’m slowly making my way through on Netflix. And the reason why I don’t just binge watch it all the way through? Because of my emotional well being, that’s why. I BAWL EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. I think it’s best I go slow through this so that way I don’t overwhelm my husband with everything Bravermans (and how I want to BE a Braverman) or so I don’t have an emotional meltdown every single night. Either way. SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE. I can’t handle it. 
  I have an amazing aunt that mailed me this book and it just happened to already be on my to-read list. (Aunt Jackie, you rock!) I’ve already started it and love it. It’s a book written by Lauren Chandler over Psalm 107 and how she clung to God’s steadfast love through a storm in her life when they discovered her husband had a brain tumor. I grew up in youth group where her husband, Matt was my youth intern and went on to be our camp and DNOW pastors as his teaching ministry grew. I can’t wait to read this book of spiritual encouragement by someone that seems so transparent and real. I’ll let you know my thoughts once I finish! 
  Now this is the book we are currently going through in our growth group. I think marriage books are always good reminders to continue to spur on loving our spouses well, but this is definitely the first time we have done that in a group setting. There have been everything from laughs to awkwardness and we are only one section in! I seriously just feel so blessed that we have a group to do this authentically with. 


My little man is currently cutting four teeth, one being a molar so I’m listening to a lot of this… 

 The poor guy. Every night for our bedtime prayers, Nick includes ‘..and may those teeth come in quickly and healthy and ready to eat steak.’ AMEN. 


Well I am NOT a selfie girl by any means. Something I do wear now that I can confidently say I’ve never worn before in my life is snow boots. It’s still weird for me every time I put them on but I’ve learned the value of them too many times from slipping in my other shoes. So snow boots it is! And it helps that my mom bought me these cute ones. 🙂 



I’m a little terrified of this one because I don’t know if I’m excited or anxious. I might needed to put it under the dreading section. I’m going to Casa Bonita

Pretty much EVERYONE says to prepare myself to throw up afterwards because the food makes you sick so that should make me really want to go, right?? But apparently it’s one of those bucket list must-do’s in Colorado (at least to some people) so it’s happening. Sooo.. I’m sure I’ll let you know how that goes. 


EASTER! Hands down. If you haven’t picked this up yet, I LOVE all holidays. Especially Easter. We get to celebrate the biggest thing ever which is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins to reconcile us to God and then three days later rising from the grave to go to Heaven and prepare a place for us. This is a HUGE reason to celebrate! I pray for the day that this resonates in our little boy’s heart and he truly grasps the Gospel. So bring on Easter!!


Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the incredible people that God has placed in my life and what a great encouragement they are in their faith in Christ. That is no exception when I think of our sweet friends, Jake & Jennifer. She shared yesterday her story about their precious little boy Dustin. I feel led to share it because it is such a testament to how good our God is (even when things don’t feel good) and how all things point back to Him. I hope their story is just as encouraging to you and how cool that God is already getting all the glory in this handsome little guy’s life!  

And that is it for What’s Up Wednesday, my friends! We are halfway to the weekend. We got this! Just imagine a huge camel in your office/classroom if that helps get ya through. 

Family Fun Day: the Red Rocks edition 

Happy Monday y’all!! After all of my complaining of our past 2 crazy weeks, this weekend was simply amazing. I am lucky to have a fantastic husband that pretty much insisted we have a family day on Saturday. So that’s exactly what we did! 

It started off with cuddles on the couch. 


Since it was absolutely gorgeous outside, we decided to go to Red Rocks since it seems to be one of those must-sees on the Colorado list. And huge bonus that it’s not too far from our house!  


Caleb LOVED getting run all around it and even tried to ‘work out’ like the million other people there. I however just sat and drank my entire bottle of water once we reached the top. 

And yes his pants are on backwards. Which we noticed the moment we got there. #parentfail



Can we just take a moment to let the fact that we live close to this place sink in? I will ALWAYS be a Texas girl at heart, but this place is stinkin’ gorgeous. Like for real. 
How was everyone else’s weekend?! 

Now back to real life this morning because this Monday calls for grocery shopping, laundry, and play time with the little man.  

This is him ‘helping with laundry.’

Hope everyone has a great start to your week! And if you need good advice to help make that happen, then here you have it.. 


Friday Favorites

These past two weeks have been CRAZY. Like something every single night of both weeks CRAZY. As much as we love people, sometimes we just need some good time on our own couch watching our DVR that has been slowly building up. #onedaysoon

I’m linking up today to share some of my Friday Favorites because what better way to give an update of our lives lately!

So BIG NEWS. I got a job!!! When Nick and I met, we were both on staff at different churches so when we got married, I came off staff to join him at his church. It’s always been our prayer that I would be able to one day go back to doing children’s ministry because that’s totally my heart. Well God is FAITHFUL, friends! The ministry assistant for children’s ministry at our church went part-time because of her school schedule so I am now joining her in doing the other half of her job. So not only am I back in children ministry world, but it’s only part time so I am still home with Caleb the other half of the week. Win win! Big favorite around here.

And this cute guy gets to visit me.  So that’s definitely a favorite.

Valentine’s Day was this past weekend which I always LOVE. It’s a holiday that screams pink, chocolate, and flowers which is pretty much the list of all my favorite things. And of course an excuse to have a date with my favorite guy.

 And for us to do that, we are so blessed that Caleb has an amazing grandma that was all for having a Valentine’s date with him. They are pretty much smitten with each other another so that of course helps.

I’m so glad that I now have TWO boys that have my heart.

When we were in Texas, we did a little photo shoot with Caleb and Maddie in their Valentine’s outfits. We did this last year when they were babies and pretty sure they didn’t even really know they were next to each other.

 Well except maybe for this moment…

Well this year was definitely way different because they couldn’t stop hugging each other.

These cousins really are the best of friends and that is a huge favorite of all of ours.

Caleb received a Mickey Mouse and a monkey for Valentine’s Day from two of his grandmas and they are pretty much his favorite friends now.

The other morning when he woke up, he threw them both on the ground and tackled them for a huge good morning hug.  

And that’s all the time I have for now for favorites… Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

I Big Time Heart Peyton Manning

So I get this question a lot, especially since we moved to Colorado. ‘So have you always been a Broncos fan?’ And the answer is NO. In fact I would take it further and say I haven’t even been a football fan in general. 

But then Nick came along. And let me just tell you that yes, I knew he was a sports fan when we were dating. I knew that he LOVED baseball. But the football thing totally caught me off guard once we got married. Because yes, the kid hid his love for the Broncos while we were dating. I didn’t have a CLUE how extreme he was (and maybe that’s why he hid it). I still say today that the season of us dating had to be the only time he’s ever missed a Broncos game. (Which apparently he never did thanks to DVR.) He likes to try to help me understand that the first year we were married was also the first year Peyton Manning was a Bronco and that’s the difference. But I also now know how he seems to know every stat in the history of ever of the Broncos so I’m not buying it. The kid bleeds blue and orange. It is to the point that people text me to check how he’s doing when they don’t play so hot. The Super Bowl game against the Seahawks (AKA the game we don’t speak of in our home)? People were blowing me up to say they were praying for the poor guy. The year before that when they lost to the Ravens? Let’s just say that created an awkward time where he didn’t even want to say my name. 

The good thing was that I was so indifferent when it came to football and he was just so passionate that it just became easy to root for his team. Not to mention the fact that it was because that’s what was played on our tv every single week and I was constantly being told all of the things that should be known about the Broncos. AND it may have had something to do with the fact that while we lived in Texas, Nick REFUSED to watch a Broncos game with anyone else. You know, just in case someone chose to speak words during the game. So guess who got the privilege to watch all of those games with him? This girl. So by heavy influence, I became a Broncos fan. 

AND PEYTON MANNING. He made it so easy to cheer for his team. I watched The Book of Manning about his family and I was sold. I so want him to win every week because he’s just so dang nice. When they lose big games, Nick is so annoyed because I’ve asked more than once if he thought we should pray for Peyton. Because it makes me so sad to think of him being so bummed and discouraged. (Nick seems to think he can be consoled just fine rolling around in his mounds of money.) So when he got hurt and that maybe meant his career was going to end that way, I was SO SAD for him. So when he came back and there was a chance for him to end his career with a Super Bowl win, I was DEFINITELY cheering on the Broncos. (I think Nick may be nervous that I’m not going to love the Broncos as much without Peyton. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.) 

Our little guy has also been born into the love for the Broncos. The kid had an authentic NFL Broncos Peyton Manning jersey the moment he was born.  Here’s his first game.. He was obviously thrilled. 

He cares a bit more now. He throws his hands in the air for ‘Touchdown!’ and will fist pump in the air when you shout ‘Go Broncos!’ and is constantly practicing his throw to be the next Peyton. So we are in fact a Broncos family.  


So it was a must to celebrate the Super Bowl!




Y’all. That is sheer happiness on my husband’s face. Believe me, I know he looks oh so calm right there but that’s just oh so deceiving because there was LOTS OF YELLING. This picture does a much better job at showing the emotion that was occurring in our living room. 


YAY FOR BEING SUPER BOWL 50 CHAMPS!!!!! Seriously so excited for Peyton and all the Broncos fans and of course NICK. And for all the superstitious people out there like Nick (who’s made our family wear the same exact outfit for the past 3 games), we did move here the season that they won the Super Bowl. Not saying we are the cause but I’m sure we were somewhat helpful in the whole thing. 😉 


Sunburns and Snowstorms

Let me just start this off with saying that the only time we have gotten ‘snow storms’ since we’ve lived in Colorado is if we are going to literally have any interaction with the airport. If you would like a snow storm to come, just book the Jones a flight somewhere. (But make it somewhere tropical, please.) 

So this past weekend was my mom’s birthday and she decided that what she wanted for her big day was to fly us to Texas to spend it with her. Can’t argue with that! We left on Thursday and little man is becoming a champ at this whole flying thing. It was his first time to be able to walk in the airport and pretty much opened a whole new world for him. (Nick is AMAZING at letting him walk even though it may take us an extra 5 hours to get anywhere. I am apparently not as good at being that amazingly patient.)  


The moment he was reunited with his Aunt LeyLey was so very sweet. He reached out for her (which I was glad for since I had just lugged his 27 lb sleeping self thru the airport) and gave her a big ol’ hug. He then got so excited to point out all of the cars to her, because well, cars are his favorite.  


On Friday he was reunited with his Nanan and his Maddie Moo! Hugs all around! That afternoon we got to do what that Texas girl Maddie gets to do everyday.. Go to the park!  


Shorts in January?! This kid was basking it in.  


That evening Nick and I and the kiddos went out for a birthday dinner with Mom and Steve. They let us choose and DUH, we chose Mexican. If anyone ever asks me what I miss most about Texas, the answer is always Mexican food. (Family and friends are a given of course.)  


Saturday our plan for the day was the Mardi Grad parade! Now growing up close to Galveston island, Mardi Gras was always just a part of life every year. And what’s even more fun now is that my dad and Mary are super involved in Mardi Gras and participate in building and riding in a float in the parade. An automatic guarantee for awesome beads!  


Ashley made the kids some super cute shirts for the festivities! (She got all the crafty genes. I literally just watched her make them. I’m a great supporter.)


Caleb’s seriously makes me laugh (the one on the left). And he definitely enjoyed the King Cake. 🙂


The parade was a blast! Maddie loved dancing all around and gathering all of the tons and tons of beads.  


Caleb had a different idea of fun…  


My mom quickly pointed out after the 5th band marched by that I probably don’t need to tiptoe during nap time at home now. 😉


The kids loved it and have played with their beads non-stop! They love taking them off and putting them back on.. over and over and over again. On the way home, we realized that Caleb, Nick, and I all had a slight sunburn. Guess we aren’t used to the heat anymore! 

They played HARD and were exhausted at the end of the day. Which gave us pretty much the BEST picture ever of Maddie Moo.  I can’t not crack up when I look at it. #theafterparty


On Sunday, Steve cooked the whole family a birthday dinner to celebrate Mom. It was such a great day eating BBQ and southern comfort food. And my mom is the queen of sweet tea. Pretty sure you won’t catch her without one!  


These two loved playing outside together. And since this Colorado boy doesn’t have the appropriate Texas clothing, this happened…   

Maddie and Caleb were definitely best friends and LOVED to give each other hugs. However, this usually ended up with them collapsing on the ground because they don’t know their own strength. Still sweet. 🙂 


It was such a fun day with the whole fam. 


So our flight was Monday evening which was of course the same time a snow storm was supposed to be hitting pretty much all of Colorado. We tried to switch our flight but that would have cost only about an extra $600.. No big deal. 

So obviously we just took our chances and our flight ended up being the last one that left Houston to go to Denver that night! Whew. And the flight was pretty empty because apparently everyone else had $600. But Caleb (& his parents) loved that he got his own seat.  


And then he even curled right up and went to sleep on his Daddy. And then only wanted Daddy the rest of the evening. Even after we landed and got in the airport and Nick REALLY needed to go to the restroom. He chose the clingy kid instead. What a great dad. (He did eventually let him go, don’t worry.)  


The drive home was a bit sketch because that’s when the storm really started to get bad but we are fortunate to have Nick who is apparently a rockstar at driving in the snow. And not actually telling me it was horrible until we got home. (Ignorance is bliss, am I right?) Going from 70 degree weather (and a bit of a sunburn) to a 20 degree snowstorm was a bit of a shock to the system, but it was good to be home. 

Thanks so much for the fun weekend, Texas! 

(And happy birthday mom.. You rock for bringing us out!!)

A Week In The Life

This past week has been CRAZY. Between a full day student ministry event, the Broncos game, the boys feeling under the weather, this little fam is absolutely EXHAUSTED. So this post will be an update of pictures. 🙂 


 It was finally warm enough to go to the park! We laughed really hard because it was the same temp back home in Houston which meant it was too cold for them to go to the park. Oh, how I live in such a different world now! 



This little guy got taken all around on Saturday. He got to help register students for the event that morning (AKA play with the pretty girls in The Shed) and then spend the afternoon/evening at his JoJo’s while I cooked dinner for the students. We are so thankful to have one of his grandmas live close and love him so well! And fun to see him get to the age where he gets excited about seeing her. (Amidst the craziness, we had time for a fish face.) 


Have you guys heard of a little team called the Broncos? Well if you haven’t realized yet, this fam are BIG FANS. We watched the big game on Sunday with family friends and in the end of the game, there was a lot of this.. 

 ..but when they won, there was a lot of THIS… 

   (Doesn’t this pic just CRACK you up?! Nick and Phil look pretty much the manliest I’ve ever seen them.. Hahaha!)

 Caleb was soaking it all in. #broncointraining

  He got to see JoJo two days in a row. Jackpot for this little kiddo!  



  Is this just not the best depiction of feelings of Monday everywhere?! Well, the tears weren’t actually due to the Monday blues.. He was DISTRAUGHT that his baseball lamp would not high five him back. True story. Sometimes lamps are rude like that, little buddy. #thestruggleisreal


This was full of play time at home. Daddy was already sick at this point and little man was starting to catch the bug too. Boo on sickness.

  No, he did not just use the big potty. Yes, he’s become obsessed with the toilet paper roll. One guess on why it’s empty. 

 This little guy kept running back and forth down the hallway, absolutely cracking himself up. He also had to stop every time he got to me to take a look at any pictures I may have taken. (Vain much? Nah.) Can we just take a moment to grieve the fact that he’s starting to lose some baby fat? I know you may see some yummy chunky thighs there, but I promise they used to be chunkier. My baby’s growing up on me. 😦


This little guy got his own trip to the doctor’s office. But you can’t hold him down. He may not have felt well, but he still had plenty of energy to jam out to ‘If you’re happy and you know it.’  



We are headed to Texas for my mom’s birthday!!! My boys still don’t feel 100% so prayers are always appreciated. The doctor told me yesterday that the humidity would be good for Caleb.. And I told him that’s the first time anyone has ever said anything positive about humidity! And he also somehow knew I was from the south.. Apparently I have an accent after all. 🙂 

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday!!!

Our little fam has a busy weekend ahead of us with a big student ministry event all day tomorrow. Our little man got to spend his morning at The Shed (the student ministry building) while we did some last minute preparations and that would definitely go on his list as a FAVORITE. We are talking a gym, stairs, Daddy’s office.. it’s pretty much his heaven. The only time he loves The Shed more is when it’s full of students that want to play with him. #spoiled

So since today is Friday and it’s a favorite in itself, I thought I would share some favorites of the week!

It’s no secret that we are big Broncos fans in this fam (some of us naturally, some of us forced) and this past Sunday was a big game! Little man got to wear his Broncos best to church Sunday morning and he definitely was not the only one.. Our whole church is full of Broncos lovers! #movedtotherightplace

 If you watched that game, you can see we felt a LOT of emotions. And in the end, we were all just kind of done. But YAY for winning and getting to do it all over again this Sunday!

Since Monday was MLK day, we got to spend our afternoon with JoJo! We went to a late lunch and walked all around the shops of downtown Littleton. A certain little guy LOVED her being here and walking with him on the sidewalk. He is so big and loving it.

If Caleb had a list of favorites, his daddy would be so high on that list. He cries everyday Nick leaves for work.
 And LOVES greeting him when he gets home. I love that my boys are the best of friends.

Since we live in cold Colorado, going to the park everyday is not really a thing. At least not for this Texas girl. (Give me a heater and a blanket, please.) So we CONSTANTLY frequent the library. We went twice this week and he loves it so much every time.

   There’s a play kitchen there for the month of January and he’s a BIG FAN. Especially when big kids are there and cook him pretend food.

 Yesterday Nick got to go with us which meant I was actually in a picture with Caleb! I read an article the other day about moms rarely being in the picture because they are always busy taking them. As I thought back, I can definitely remember my mom hardly ever in our pictures. So hopefully I can be better about that. Caleb may want proof I was there, right? #iwasthere #justmaybeinyogapants #mycoffeeistheretoo

And my last favorite of the week is the stay-at-home date night Nick and I had last night! Since Caleb goes to sleep so early, we still pretty much have a whole evening so last night we board gamed it up. The game of Life, anyone?

 It may look like Nick is praying right there, but he’s actually counting ALL of the money he had. Because he won. And he was the banker. (Not saying there’s a connection, just stating facts.)

Hope everyone has such a fantastic weekend!!!  Don’t forget to cheer on the Broncos Sunday (or just pray they win or pray for Nick.. ha!) Go Broncos!

It’s Momfessional Time

So let’s have a little confession time as mamas. If we are being real, there are some things we may do to just straight survive the day with our littles. Like shoving your mouth full of candy before the toddler rounds the corner and busts you… and then wants some but you tell him we don’t eat candy right now. (Completely hypothetical.) Or move up bedtime because they can’t tell time and well, you’re exhausted and need to be able to watch Netflix on the couch. (I’ve just heard people do this.) But seriously though, we all have our ‘Momfessionals.’ And a little confession time is always good for the soul. So today I’m linking up with the queen of Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesday’s to get my own Momfessional on.

1. I tiptoe around the house when Caleb is sleeping. And I very well may ask you to too. When we moved to Colorado, we moved into a rent house that’s definitely an older home complete with floors that squeak like no other. They are LOUD. I’ve tried to instill in my brain where the different squeaks occur in the hallway so I can attempt to walk a different path (especially in the mornings when I wake up earlier than little man). I know this sounds ridiculous and people are always all about just living their lives normally and the babies just have to deal. While I completely applaud you, I will just be over here tiptoeing around my squeaky house so I can enjoy those extra few minutes of him sleeping. #neverwakeasleepingbaby

2. I also completely avoid the bedroom side of the house during his naps. As you can see, I am a bit crazy when it comes to him sleeping. The squeaks are LOUD and the bedrooms (and main bathroom) are all very close to one another. Has there been an hour when I needed to go to the restroom but held it because he was napping? Absolutely. Does Nick now ask me permission about going to that side of the house while Caleb is sleeping? Yup, he knows I’m crazy. And I may or may not have told him that now is NOT the best time to go. He knew I was a little quirky when we got married, right?

3. I pretty much eat all of his animal crackers and graham crackers. I really don’t know who I buy those for anymore. I’ve thought about no longer buying them so I’ll quit eating them.. and then remember they are actually for the child. So the cycle continues. :/

4. He has eaten snacks in his car seat.. that are probably from yesterday. If the boy spots a goldfish, it immediately goes in his mouth. He doesn’t care about that fish’s past. And in the moment of buckling him into his seat, I don’t either.

5. We may have accidentally taught him that clapping means please. So when Caleb was old enough to eat solid food, we tried to incorporate sign language into his life so he could tell us ‘more’ and ‘all done.’ WELL. Sometime in the learning process, we kept (unintentionally) switching the words ‘more’ and ‘please’. I came home one day and Nick was SO excited that Caleb had finally done it! But when he showed me, he actually clapped instead of doing the ‘more’ sign. So somehow clapping kept turning into ‘please’ and I just finally gave up. It was just not a battle worth fighting and I knew what he was saying so it worked for us. Communication is communication, right? And now you’ll be happy to know, he actually says the word please so it looks like we didn’t screw him up after all. 🙂

So there you have it.. Some confessions of mine that will hopefully not land the little man in therapy one day! Do you have any ‘Momfessionals’?! Let’s hear them so I know I’m not doing this crazy thing called mommyhood alone. 🙂



The First Haircut

Today was a BIG DAY, people. Little man got his VERY FIRST HAIRCUT. (This requires so many capital letters because this is HUGE to this mama.) 

So I have gone back and forth on whether we should get his hair cut. I was fully convinced to do it while we were in Texas for Thanksgiving but yet the humidity curled it all up and made it look oh so adorable.. So my sister pretty much told me no. But here’s the thing. We don’t have humidity in Colorado. Like at all. (I know the thought of no humidity is shocking to my Texas people.) So no humidity equals no cute curling up of the hair which equals long whispy nobody cares about me hair. And so the decision was made. 

So I braced myself for the big event (and possible tears from me AND him) and made an appointment at a kids’ haircut salon. Now this place has got this whole thing down to a science. He got to choose which car he wanted to sit in, there were cartoons on, stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling, toys to play with, and then you get a balloon and sucker at the end. PURE GENIUS. They even have regular barber chairs set up in front of video games so I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s where Nick started getting his hair cut. (Which they definitely let him know they cut dads’ hair too. I bet they do.)

He picked Lightning McQueen (or rather Nick chose for him since the other option was a pink Barbie jeep) and loved getting to ‘vroom vroom’ on the steering wheel. The hair stylist attempted using clippers but Caleb quickly nipped that idea in the bud. He didn’t care that she kept showing him how it just ‘tickles’ Mommy.  
So scissors it was! After that, he had a blast. He kept going back and forth between pointing to the sharks hanging from the ceiling, watching Thomas the Train, and pointing to the balloons. And of course he took some moments to wave to the ladies next to us. Because priorities. 

This hairstylist was a pro. It didn’t matter that he whipped his head back and forth a million times, she didn’t skip a beat. #gifted

And then she finished, gave him a balloon, snapped a picture of him, gave me a lock of hair to baby book it, and then gave him a first hair cut certificate. BIG DAY. 

Check out that handsome stud!!!! He looks like such a BIG BOY. We went to Sam’s afterwards and two different people commented on his hair. I told him that’s when you know you have a good haircut is when you immediately receive compliments. Gotta school him early. 

And I did not even cry! But I would definitely say my love for him grew even more if that’s at all possible. I could just eat him up with how stinkin cute he is.