reunited and it feels so good!

So this weekend three of my all-time favorite girls came to visit! My mom, sister, & niece flew in late Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon. It was a fast whirlwind of a trip but SO worth it.   Those eyes. Those pigtails. I can’t even handle it. It was Maddie Moo’s first flight and they reported that she was a champ! No sleeping for her though so she was a bit tuckered out throughout the weekend. But she was still a rockstar! 

We haven’t seen them since we moved so it’s been 7.5 WEEKS without seeing my little Moo. That may not seem very long, but when I had rarely gone a day of her life without seeing her, it’s kind of a BIG DEAL. And she went and got all big on me!  Here she is being all cute while climbing in and out of Caleb’s truck. I told her that she can stop growing up now, especially this fast. She told me she was going to convince her parents to move to Colorado. It was a good talk. 

So we did as many fun things as possible in those 48 hours… We walked around downtown Littleton, we went winter clothes shopping (my mom doesn’t want me to freeze in my Texas wardrobe.. thanks Mom!), we drove them to Idaho Springs to see a mountain town and eat ‘mountain pies’ (AKA stinkin delicious pizza), we took them to our amazing church, and then they left! Told you it was so quick but so fun! 

Here are some fun pics from the weekend..   

And one more thing I have to show you! We found this mug in downtown Littleton that I am pretty much obsessed with now.  

Probably because it’s so true! 

So thank you Mom, Ash, & Moo for making the trip so that we could show you our new home that we love.. We love y’all so much!

(And to the rest of you.. Plan your trips now to come see us. We are waiting.)

Hot Diggity Dog!

We have a ONE YEAR OLD. When did that happen? I feel like I was just pregnant with little man! But yet, he has entered toddlerhood in all its glory… the independence, the tantrums, and the super outgoing personality that has just exploded out of nowhere. The kid is a flirt and hasn’t met a pretty girl that he doesn’t like. (It’s a bit concerning for those teenage years.) So when thinking about Halloween this year, it was exciting to think that he actually would care a little more then just sleeping thru it like last year. 

So first it was to decide WHAT he was going to be. I scrolled thru Pinterest like any good mom with high hopes does. Peter Pan seemed like the perfect fit. He’s too young to care or realize I’m putting him in tights and he’s blonde so what could be cuter. But then we strolled thru Babies R Us and came upon their (on sale) costumes and there hung Mickey Mouse. Now there’s not much that gets Caleb’s attention more than that mouse shouting ‘Hey everybody! It’s me, Mickey Mouse!’ The child could be in the other room and will haul butt at the sound of that mouse’s voice. So the mom guilt set in. Caleb LOVES Mickey Mouse. He doesn’t have about a clue who Peter Pan is. And let’s be honest, I’m the least creative person in the world and not about to MAKE a Peter Pan costume. Mickey Mouse for the win! We bought it, took it home, and he LOVED it. Well except for the hood. These were his feelings on the hood.   

  So now it was time to decide WHAT to do on Halloween. A little bit of a struggle because he’s not walking yet and also can’t exactly say ‘trick or treat.’ I was pretty confident calling all strangers ‘dada’ may not be the kind of message we wanted to send. (Yes, my child refuses to still say ‘mama.’ Not bitter at all.) So we decided a shopping center that was offering a trick or treat event was the perfect place for us! We placed our Mickey Mouse in his wagon and just wheeled him up to each store clerk and they threw candy in his bucket. It was perfect! Pretty sure Caleb missed most of it because he was so fixated on the items that kept appearing in his bucket that he rarely ever looked up (unless I made him take a picture). 

   Afterwards, we ate dinner at the Noodles & Co in the shopping center and he ate macaroni & cheese to his heart’s content. A successful trip indeed!

Once we got home, we did go knock on our neighbors’ doors just because we are new to the neighborhood and what better way to make them meet us! The fact that they had to give us candy was just an added bonus. After going back home, Mickey Mouse was pooped.  

 We gave him a bite of Hershey’s and put that mouse to bed. Halloween conquered!  

 Hope everyone else had a great time! There is seriously nothing cuter than little kids dressed up in costumes so I LOVED seeing everyone’s pictures posted on social media. Until next year!  

(Nick does not share my affinity for costumes. Obviously he chose to not join our theme and go as Donald Duck.)

Onto Thanksgiving!

you can take the girl out of Texas…

So life looks a little different than the last time I posted.  Which is a lot of reason why I HAVEN’T posted in forever.  We moved to Colorado, y’all!  And boy did we do it fast.  Nick accepted a new position and within 3 weeks, we were the newest residents of Littleton, Colorado.  And now we have been here a MONTH.  Time flies when life is changing like crazy!  So as most of you know, I am a born and raised Texas girl so I have received a LOT of questions about how I am doing.  So I figured why not just tell you all at once!

I am GOOD! I really am loving our new home, new city, new church, new state!  Now hear me right.. I’ve got Texas pride like no other and the Lone Star State is being represented WELL in our new home with all kinds of Texas decor.  And it’s the first time in my entire life that I’ve found myself caring about things like Caleb going to an elementary school that does not have the Texas flag flying outside.  Let’s just say I get weirdly nostalgic about all kinds of random things.  And I am ADAMANT that I will not lose my accent and that Caleb will always know he’s originally from the best state ever.

BUT.  Life is seriously fantastic here!  Have you ever just shown up somewhere and it just feels like home?!  That is our new church and this town for us.  The people are incredible and the mountains are GORGEOUS and everyone has gone above and beyond to make us feel so welcome.  Talk about God just confirming over and over again that this is where He has called us.  It is like a breath of fresh air (fresh MOUNTAIN air!).  I always tell people that it is hard to be TOO upset about anything when everytime you turn, you are staring at the glory that is the mountains!!  I can’t imagine ever getting used to it.

So thank you friends for all of your prayers and checking on us!  God is taking care of us and allowing us to stare at mountains while He does!!!  (Can you tell I’m a little bit obsessed?)  But as a true Texas girl, I have never experienced the winter that is coming.  And I am not generally a fan of the cold.  So that should be interesting.  So keep the prayers (and possibly coats or hot cocoa or anything else that can keep me warm!) coming.  And I promise to keep you up to date on all of the adventures of trying to get used to this whole new world!


Our sweet little home!


This is just driving down the road. Staring at snow-topped mountains in the distance.  (Nick was driving, I promise.)


Chilly weather does mean this guy in puffy vest which equals about the cutest thing in all the world.

To All The Mamas…

So I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to every mother in the world.  I’m sorry.  I thought I knew.  I had nannied an infant for a year and a half, been a nursery/childcare coordinator at a church for two years, and even taught preschool for a few years.  To me, I thought I had a jumpstart on what it took to be a mother.  Children weren’t new to me… They have been apart of my world for quite a while now.  But up until a little more than nine months ago, I KNEW NOTHING.

All of the thoughts.  All of the analyzing.  All of the questions.  All of the worrying.  All of the decisions.  IT NEVER STOPS.  And to top it off, you get to do all of this with little to no sleep.  I went to grad school where sleep was very minimal and I thought I knew what exhaustion was.  But nope.  Grad school has got nothing on motherhood.

Should I let him sleep in the swing?  Am I creating a sleep prop?  When does he sleep in his crib?  Will he ever be able to sleep on his own now?  Will I be rocking him to sleep when he’s 15?  Is it normal that he sleeps through the night so early?  Wait, why is he not sleeping through the night anymore?  How much should I feed him?  Am I feeding him too much?  Is he crying because he’s hungry?  When does he eat table food?  Is he going to choke?  Why isn’t he crawling yet?  Should I be encouraging him more?  Does he pay too much attention to the TV?  Do I need to read him more books?  Am I making him dumb?  Do I hold him too much?  Should I force a pacifier on him?  Is he sucking his thumb?  Should I make him stop?  Is he too much of a mama’s boy?  Should I let him have teething crackers?  Am I giving him too many teething crackers? Does he nap enough?  When should he drop one of his naps?  Why is he crying????

IT NEVER STOPS.  And yes, some of my questions are beyond ridiculous.  Some of my thoughts are even more ridiculous.  And the amount of times I google things is the most ridiculous of all.  (Nick has definitely cut off my googling rights at times.  Rightly so.)  It is just like the moment that your precious little baby enters the world, your mind and heart and everything in you just becomes so overwhelmed TO GET THIS RIGHT.  This little human is looking to you for everything.  And the love that you have for this little human is huge.  More than huge.  So by goodness, you want to make sure everything is done PERFECTLY.

But here’s the thing that I just keep learning through this whole journey.  It will never be perfect.  Never.  There will be times that he will cry because he’s fussy.  There are times that he will wake up at night and the reason will not be known on this side of Heaven.  There are even going to be times that he pays attention to the TV (oh the horror!).  Life is just going to happen.

AND THAT IS OKAY.  Because God is bigger.  And gives me grace everyday to figure out this whole motherhood thing (which really is WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC).  He is the one who entrusted me with this little guy after all.  So more than anything, my biggest goal everyday is pointing Caleb to Jesus.  My biggest desire for his life is for him to KNOW AND LOVE JESUS.

So mamas everywhere, I see you.  I might not have noticed you as well before in all of my naivety, but I see you now.  And boy am I grateful for you and your wisdom and encouragement and especially your prayers.  Because God is bigger than our concerns, worries, tears, and exhaustion.  He loves our little people more than we ever even could.  So it’s best if we just trust in Him, right?  I’m praying for you, mamas.  And you promise to pray for me.  God’s got this.

Try to Keep Up

Here it is everybody. My first blog post. Well honestly it’s not my VERY first blog post because I used to blog before husband and baby came along, but life got.. well, you know.. busy.  I have been considering jumping back into the blogging world for a little while now, but kept talking myself out of it because I didn’t want to fulfill the stereotype.  Have a baby, stay at home, start a blog.  Because really, what do I have to say?  Except maybe a lot because I spend my days with an eight month old and a nine month old.  So even if it’s not important, someone should probably hear it besides the little people. So here I am.

First let’s start off with WHO I am. My name is Raven and I am a YOUNG twenty-nine year old. (I turn thirty in a week and I am resisting it with every ounce of my being. #29forever) A little over three years ago, I married Nick who just happens to be the most amazing and hilarious man ever. And then a little over eight months ago, we welcomed the cutest baby boy in all of the land into our family and named him Caleb.  (So mommyhood is still real new and fresh over here. I hear you get a trophy and money reward at the one year milestone. Hoping that’s true.) And pretty much the most important thing about us is we LOVE Jesus.  He is the core of who we are and who we strive to be.

Nick and I met in Fort Worth, Texas although neither of us are from there.  He’s a Colorado native and will never ever stop telling you how much he loves his state and how their weather is just soooooooo much better than Texas’.  It’s just best to not bring it up if you don’t want a thirty minute convo about things like humidity, heat, blah blah blah.  I am actually from the Galveston, Texas area but lived in Fort Worth for seven glorious years.  God moved us to the north Houston area a little over a year ago and now we are adjusting to more heat and more humidity (well one of us is adjusting).

So basically in one year, Nick and I found out we were having a baby, moved cities, lived with my family for a few months, changed jobs, bought our very first home, and had that precious baby.  To say it’s been a whirlwind is an understatement.  To top that off, my sister and brother-in-law (who are in fact the family we lived with for that small beat) had a baby five weeks before us.  Which brings me back to the other baby I referred to earlier that I spend my days with. I have the opportunity to stay at home with my little man while we also get to hang out with my little firecracker of a niece. So life is all kinds of busy and all kinds of crazy and all kinds of wonderful.

And THAT is why I have decided to document it and share it with my world. I would love for you all to hear my adventures of trying to keep up with the Jones’… So stay tuned…